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Kimber Custom Shop Family

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by tinroad37e, Dec 30, 2007.

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  1. tinroad37e

    tinroad37e Member

    Dec 5, 2006
    I am wanting another 1911 and I was looking at the "high-end" Kimbers. I am mainly looking at the Gold Combat II. Anybody own one of the custom shop Kimbers? Are these anything special, or is my money better spent on an Ed Brown or Les Baer for a couple hundred more and without MIM parts? They claim they're are hand fitted, but there is no mention of MIM parts. The stainless model is going for $1500.
  2. cbailey

    cbailey Member

    Oct 28, 2007
    While my Super Match II is my favorite handgun currently residing in my arsenal, and I have no performance related issues with it (it’s reliable and very easy to shoot accurately), I don’t know if the extra money was worth it. And there were several imperfections in my pistol that I wouldn’t expect in a ~$2000 MSRP 1911, but none were significant enough to complain to Kimber about. These imperfections initially annoyed me, now that I have some “miles” on the gun, they no longer bother me. The “KimPro” finish on my stainless slide hasn’t been holding up all that well in my pistol, and I’ve been pretty careful with it. The ambi safety on mine (and I'm sure other parts are as well) appears to be MIM, but I've had so issues with breakage.

    It’s a great shooter with as nice of a trigger I’ve ever pulled (and I recently have had some trigger time behind a Wilson and a couple LB’s). The gun locks up tight as a drum, and came with a 1” group 5-shot at 25 yard “proof” target, but any well-fit ~$1000 1911 should be accurate enough for me not to notice much of a difference. I’m a decent shot, but when I’m working up new loads and shooting off sandbags at 25 yards, it’s rare for me to get sub 2” five shot groups with this or any pistol, so small differences in mechanical accuracy probably aren’t significant anyway.

    As much as I like this pistol, were I to do it over again, I’d be likely to consider a somewhat less expensive model (like a Target II if I were to get a Kimber, or a Colt Gold Cup), and have some trigger work done on it. Or maybe I’d look into a Les Baer Premier II if I was going spend that much money again - the few blued examples that I’ve handled were beautiful.
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