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Kimber Solo VS Sig P938

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by bimmerland, Feb 17, 2012.

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  1. bimmerland

    bimmerland Member

    Dec 27, 2010
    North Carolina
    Didn't see a thread on this topic so I thought I'd start one. Now that Sig has introduced the P938 I wonder how it will stack up to a Kimber Solo. I have been carrying my P238 for some time now and feel very comfortable carrying in condition 2. Assuming Sig learned their lesson with the P238 teething issues I wonder if it is worth the wait for a P938 or just jump in on a Solo. I am in the process of converting to a single caliber (9MM) and want to upgrade my P238. I know the Solo is a striker fired DA versus the SA P938 but that is not an issue with me. The Solo is at $100 more that the P938 and I have been told that it is more picky with ammo. I like the idea of being able to use my hand load 115gr RN for practice and if the Sig P938 is like its predecessor it should handle my reloads with no problem. I don't know if the same can be said for the Solo. Any thoughts or ideas on this subject. Thanks
  2. csa77

    csa77 Member

    Jun 14, 2011
    iv never shot the 938 but the 238(nib) i tried was horrible. slide would get stuck when you racked it. with the safety on the gun could still be fired.
    if the 938 is anything like the 238 id stay way away from it.

    iv never shot a kimber solo but iv heard mixed reviews of it as well.

    ether way id never carry a semi-auto , for me I greatly prefer a revolver. simple reliability
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2012
  3. GunNut

    GunNut Member

    Dec 25, 2002
    Washington State
    The gun that's impossible to get vs the gun that hasn't been released yet.....
  4. Girodin

    Girodin Member

    Mar 22, 2008
    Gun that is known to have had a ton of problems versus a still unknown quantity. The sig interests me as I really love my mustang and it is not much bigger than that. I think I will give it a while before I buy one though.

    Ironically enough I just spent two days fixing two different revolvers that were not operating reliable, one j frame and the other an SP101.
  5. Manson

    Manson Member

    Feb 15, 2012
    I might be interested in the sig at some point. The 238 had issues early on so I'll wait till I start hearing from new owners how they feel about them. No interest in Kimber.
  6. rskent

    rskent Member

    May 28, 2006
    The land of blue sky and sunshine
    “for me I greatly prefer a revolver. Simple reliability”

    Really, have you ever seen the inside of a revolver? :confused: Less ammo dependent for sure, but simple, I don’t think so.
    Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of good reasons to carry a revo and I love a good J frame but simplicity just isn’t one of them.
  7. Olympus

    Olympus Member

    Jul 14, 2008
    I couldn't be happier with my 238. Gun runs smoothly and is easier to shoot and has less noticeable recoil than my FIL's PPK. The night sites are excellent as well.

    Provided that the 938 functions as well as the 238 and provided that Sig can meet the demand better than Kimber, I'd say the 938 will be the top dog in this fight.
  8. 2wheels

    2wheels Member

    Mar 28, 2011
    I love my P238, except for the caliber... So I'll be giving the P938 a try, I know there will be a recoil penalty for the extra power but I'm ok with that. I figure it can't be much worse than my S&W 442 firing +P 158 grain rounds. The Solo is nice, but I'm already familiar with the 238 so I figure I might as well go with the 9mm version.

    My 238 may just end up being semi-retired at some point, gotta get me a Commander first so it might be a while...
  9. Icabod

    Icabod Member

    Feb 20, 2012
    Left Coast
    Had a Solo. Loved it (size, feel, style) but it never worked ( constant FTE, jams, and excessive wear). It went back twice and then was replaced. At that time the slide notch was so worn it wouldn't hold the slide back, metal was peening off the barrel and slide, the magazine fell apart. All this at 780 rounds. The gunsmith at the LGS estimated the gun had fired 15-20k rounds to be in that condition.
    Yesterday I found the download I made of Kimber's ammo list. It has 26 different ones listed (some companies have several kinds each) that's a far cry from the current list. Moreover the other small nines (berretta, Kahr, Kel Tec, Sig) don't have such a short list.
    I did see a recent review tha mentioned a "bulge" on the bottom of the barrel. Supposedly it kept the next round from interfering with extraction. Maybe that will work.
    The replacement Kimber sent? I used it to get my SA EMP (900 rounds no problems)
  10. Nakanokalronin

    Nakanokalronin Member

    Jan 1, 2008
    Nobody will know how the P938 will be until they actually show up in stores and people buy them. I have a P238 and Solo. The P238 is the best pocket .380 I've ever owned or shot and I've had a few. The Solo is a great pocket gun that is only a little wider then the P238.


    I did have to put a Wilson Combat strap on the front of the Solo so it wouldn't slip in my hand between shots.

    I'm excited to see the P938 in person but I'm curious if adding the 9mm into a P238 with a slightly longer barrel and slide is going to change anything like recoil or reliability. Just have to wait and see.
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2012
  11. Fishbed77

    Fishbed77 Member

    Nov 23, 2010
    If I had to choose between the Kimber Solo or the Sig P938, I'd probably get a Kahr PM9 (or CM9).


    Aug 28, 2009
    Reliable yes but not as durable and it's more complex internally than a Semi Auto.
  13. kokapelli

    kokapelli Member

    Jan 27, 2004
    My P238 is in a class by itself and if the 938 is anything like my P238 I will jump on it.
  14. mgregg85

    mgregg85 Member

    Mar 18, 2007
    Midland, MI
    The P938 is the gun Kimber should have made. I love my P238, never had a single jam or problem in the year that i've had it. I will be buying the P938 as soon as they are released.
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