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Kimber Ultra Tac II - FTF

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing and Repairs' started by Werewolf, Aug 19, 2006.

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  1. Werewolf

    Werewolf Member

    Sep 12, 2003
    I've got an Ultra Tac II - 3" barrel - very steep feed ramp.

    It's got about 200 rounds thru it. It has a failure to feed problem. About a third of the time the last round in a magazine will not feed all the way. It feeds far enough that a quick pull and release on the slide chambers the round. The recoil spring is the stock Kimber 18# that comes from the factory.

    The problem is not the magazine. The problem occurs with all mags I've got which include Kimber, Wilson and Chip McCormicks (10 mags total - 3 of which are 7 rounders). All those same mags (except the 7 rounders 'cuz they're too short) function perfectly in my full size S&W 1911 (takes 8 round mags).

    All ammo fired is handloaded. Depending on the load OAL runs 1.19 to 1.25. The FTF problem exists regardless of the OAL. All though the problem exists with all loads it occurs more frequently with hotter loads. All handloads function perfectly with no FTF's in my full size 1911.

    ASIDE: The gun doesn't like lead bullets (RNFP) - those will occasionally misfeed regardless of position in the mag.

    My question for you experts on 1911 actions is what could the possible causes be and what are the solutions.
  2. Jim Watson

    Jim Watson Member

    Dec 24, 2002
    Will it run on factory loads? Oh, well.

    I am not a gunsmith but from shooting, watching, and reading...

    The last round in the magazine is not at the same angle as the rest.
    Level 1. Try a GI magazine follower with pimple, per Tuner.
    Level 1a Try a Metalform fully guided convex follower, per my FLG.

    Level 2. Fiddle and diddle with extractor shape and tension so the round will come up under the hook easier.
    Level 2a Polish the breechface and be sure it is of normal width so as to not drag and bind.

    The barrel is installed at the factory, not fitted.
    Level 1. Check for sharp edge at the chamber mouth digging into the brass in a stem bind aggravated by last round angle. Radius if sharp.
    Level 2. Possible undersize chamber. Ream and repeat edge rounding.

    The barrel is designed wrong, "very steep feed ramp".
    Level 1. Polish smooth and fix all other areas.
    Level 99. Find a gunsmith who will not twist his lace hankie into a sweaty knot at the mention of reducing case support and have him contour it into an approximation of a real 1911 ramp. (I have had this done on two Springfield 9mm with integral ramp.)

    Final consideration.
    Pray that if you get everything else just right that the gun will run in spite of short slide travel and steep locking angle.

    Form a Meaningful Relationship with Dennis and the rest of the warranty department at Kimber.

    Pick a reputable gunsmith, pay him for a Reliability Package and let him do what seems best.
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