Knives in Inaccessible Packaging

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Mar 27, 2008
Central Indiana.
This is a rant :fire: but I do have something to share.

I hate the way most knives are sold the tough as nails welded shut plastic clamshell packages. I don't have to tell you all that there is a lot of individual variation from item to item, especially at the more modest price points. I want to feel the blade lock into place. I want to feel the blade unlocking. I want to examine the blade for many things...etc, etc. I seldom need to poke my finger into the little hole to feel the wonderful texture of the handle. Gone I guess are the day when a knife came in a nice little box that you could open up. Sure, may places have display models but, as I said, individual QC variation is there.

I have found however that if you talk nice to the folks behind the counter they will help out. Twice now, I have asked the folks at Gander to cut the package open for me...and they've done it. I always tell them "I like what I see. If I still like it after further inspection, I will buy it." The first guy, an older guy (my age), did it in a heartbeat...and I bought it. The latest guy really didn't want to. Told me that I could look at the display model. I said "well I want to see this one because I'll be buying this one". He's like "what's the difference?". "Individual variation...."

Anyway, with a pained look, he whips out his Gerber multi-tool and cuts open the package of my Gerber Easy-Out. I say "Wow man, that is a nice multi-tool you got there!" He brightens up considerably and we talk Gerber for a few minutes and he's totally over it. The specimen that he cut open for me was just fine and I bought it from him at his register so he got credit.

So, the constructive part. If you hate those packages as much as I do, you can ask to have them opened.
I haven't had any trouble opening those clamshell packages. But then again, I always have a sharp knife on me.
Yeah. My rant isn't the blister pack it is not being able to lay hands directly on the knife therein prior to in the old days when knives came in those neat little boxes wrapped in wax paper and you could open the box, inspect it etc.

I have no problem getting into blister packs (CDs, don't ask) whatsoever but I feel like a shoplifter if I do it myself without asking.

It's like buying a car without a test drive.
I have to totally agree with this rant in general, and blister packs in specific.

I hate those plastic blister packages. Sometime even with a knife they are a PITA to open.

My fantacy is to find the person who invented them, and kidnap him. Put him in the bottom of a water tank that is flooding with incoming water. Give him a cell phone in a blister pack to call for help with. After I make sure he has no sharp objects on him, of course.:evil:
Value Of A Smile

For entirely selfish motives, I make friends with the folks who work the knife/gun/sporting goods counters in the stores where I hang out. I deny that I am "just a nice guy."

It helps when I want a little advance warning of shipments in which I'm interested (like, say, ammo), and it helps when I ask to inspect a specific knife in one of those confounded packages. (The fun part is those rare occasions when I have to lend them one of my knives to open their package.)

Some stores go even farther. Walmart has not only changed from boxes to blisters, but have gone to magnetically locked hanger racks for display. Not only can you not open the package, you can't turn it over to read the back -- where the "made in [insert-country-here]" label is. So I have to get help just to read the text on the back of the blasted package.

Even so, since they know me, and they know what I'm about, there's never any hesitation if I want to fondle the hardware before choosing.

And, for the record: Death to blister packs!

At Academy Sports, for one, they have NO problem with you carefully slicing open the package in the store to look before deciding to buy. But yeah, irritating in places without such a policy.
I know exactly what you mean! A well intentioned but not so well informed friend got me a blister pack of pocket knives at Wal-mart for Christmas (they are cheap and not the equal of what I already have in my pocket, but oh well...).
Anyhow, I had to use a knife to open them up.
What would happen if this was your first knife? Isn't it counterintuitive that you'd need a knife to get to your new knife? Why are you buying a knife in the first place if you already have one?
Why are you buying a knife in the first place if you already have one?
Banish thyself, foul heathen, send yourself back to the pit from whence you came. There is to be no talk like that in here.
Blister pacs make for cheaper packaging and easier display so knife manufacturers have migrated in this direction.

As to why buy a knife if you already have one? That's like asking why buy another gun if you have one? It's more of an affliction than a collection.;)
Knives shouldn't come in packages or hang on a hook at a big Box Store. But you don't go to Mcdonalds for a Ribeye steak either. It is fast food food for people that buy KSO.
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Now you understand "Catch 22" .You need a knife to open the package but the you need to open the package to get the knife !!
I hate those junky packages. It gotten to when I go to walmart to look over and occasionally buy a knife I skip the one in town and go to the one 20 miles away as they still have a proper knife counter and the knives in boxes. The one in town just got finished taking them all out and now they just have an open counter not being used.

Gander Mountain is even worse around here. They have some knives in a case, but most are locked in the packaging and their display was smaller than some of the non sporting stores. It was quite scary. I can't remember how the Bass Pro does it over in Concord. There really not that many choices here, but the ones there were have really cut down on the knife displays and it really sucky.
I didn't buy a S&W because "store policy" forbid me from trying the trigger before I bought.

I *did* buy it, but elsewhere...I definitely understand wanting to fully examine a product for function before purchase.

? Every link I clicked on in the web site came back with the same response...

There are currently no products in this category.

busy year or poor communications with the web designer..
Bought a SOG at Dicks a year or so ago, and cut the hell out of my finger opening it up in my truck. I also miss the little boxes. Some knives still come in them though.
Black Toe, you're right, but with Gerber and Buck and CRKT on the bandwagon, it's going to happen.

But I prefer a knife shop for that reason, so I rarely buy knives outside Grand Prairie Knives anymore.
Not a fan of blister packs. It is too easy to hide "junk" behind that hard to open packaging. Inspection usually gives you a better feel for the product, but I understand the packaging for both convenience and shoplifting control.

Maybe we'll start seeing handguns in blister packs. :)
Let them put them in blister packs. I don't buy knives on blister packs. The last Buck I bought came with a COA and was 1 of 1000 was from the custom shop. You get what you pay for.
"I don't buy knives in blister packs" Pretty much sums it up. Bought a gerber profile for my father for Christmas, $18 came in a box, took it out and looked at it before I bought it, At walmart. Check edge profile and stuff like that.

Knew he would like it though. someone stole the one he had out of his truck a couple years ago. And he complained about all the knives he had after it. He likes cheap work knives. But liked that one best.

I hate blister packaging all the time though, but I carry several sharp bladed things.... So I manage
I didn't buy a S&W because "store policy" forbid me from trying the trigger before I bought.

I *did* buy it, but elsewhere...I definitely understand wanting to fully examine a product for function before purchase.


When I was looking for a hunting rifle the salesman wouldn't let me dry fire any of the rifles. I didn't buy from them either.
I feel your pain. i just bought a knife in a blister pack today. usually if I see a knife I want I play with then buy it.
if i can't touch in most cases i don't buy it.
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