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Krink Sights - What am I missing here?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Dr. Tad Hussein Winslow, Dec 6, 2008.

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  1. Dr. Tad Hussein Winslow

    Dr. Tad Hussein Winslow member

    Nov 14, 2007
    Today at the gun store there was an Arsenal Arms Krinkov AK which had the rear sight stuck on the FRONT of the dust cover, which is behind where the sight normally is by a couple inches, but still at least 4-5 inches forward of where it could be on the rear. So I must be missing something - if we're gonna put the sight on the dust cover, which can move/settle a bit, then why not at least put it at the very back to maximize sight radius? :confused:
  2. Sam1911

    Sam1911 Moderator

    Oct 22, 2007
    Central PA
    If you got the chance to disassemble it you'd see some of the reasons why.

    Look closely at the pic here: http://world.guns.ru/assault/as03-e.htm

    The AKS-74U is designed with the top-cover hinged at the front. It is not fully removable like the standard AK/AKM design. In its locked down position it holds in a retaining pin that locks the gas tube in place. As you release the catch and rotate up the dust cover that spring loaded pin moves backwards and also releases the gas tube. That retaining pin is housed in what is the rear sight block on an AK/AKM.

    Compare that to the AKMs on this page: http://world.guns.ru/assault/as01-e.htm

    You'll notice that there is a LOT more material and length to the AKM's sight block than there is on the same part of an AKS-74U. There's not even enough room up there for a standard gas tube catch (hence the spring loaded catch retained by the hinged dust cover).

    It is a really cool system. Feels very refined and modern (to me) compared to the AKM.

    As for the position of the rear sight and why it isn't all the way back? The Russians don't go for aperture sights. You really don't want a v-notch rear sight in close to your eye. They don't work well that way. Apertures work close to your eye -- v-notch style works a few inches to a foot away. They actually put it as far forward as they could.

    Also, the dust cover is quite secure because of the hinge. No side-to-side movement at all. And, this is not the most precise gun -- or easiest to shoot accurately anyway. The sights are a bit rudimentary. It's a personal defense weapon (the M1 Carbine of its time and place) and plenty decent for that, but any little deficiencies in the sights caused by its location will be a non-issue. Built for blasting things up close, not a designated marksman's piece.

  3. HorseSoldier

    HorseSoldier Member

    Jul 13, 2006
    Anchorage, AK
    Also, as a Soviet military weapon, it was desirable to use similar sights to those of the AK for simplification of training, ease of transition between the weapons, etc.
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