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Discussion in 'Handguns: General Discussion' started by SFsc616171, Dec 13, 2012.

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  1. SFsc616171

    SFsc616171 Member

    Jul 21, 2010
    Hello, folks.

    As I sit here, post 12/12/12, and pre 12/21/12, I am an a quandry over a CCW issue.

    (Sigh), here goes:

    I really, really enjoy my Hi Powers. "However, aye, there's the rub."
    I have come out of the "regional V.A. hospital", after my third post-colorectal cancer operation. The nice surgeon took care of a few things, as well as what a previous operation, forgot to attend to. I have a new colostomy site, and THAT is what is making me chase my tail, in my attempts to figure out how to carry! My new site, is right where the belt buckle is located!

    For those not aware what a 'colostomy' is, it is an 'opening', or a 'stoma', to be exact, and it is from this 'stoma', that is "the end of the food consumption line". (jokingly, I can't be called an A-whatever, cause I don't got one no mo'!) Obviosuly, you cannot 'shut it off', or, 'hinder the flow of things'.

    So, now, I can wear slacks, but NO BELT! I wear 'grandad pants', because the 'collection device' would be hindered with pants at normal placement, which is no good either.

    Yes, in all of this, I am glad to be alive, and have been, BUT HOW IN THE WORLD CAN I CARRY ?????

    Suspenders, maybe?
    Pocket holster ... but not for a Hi Power, right?
    Off The Body? I am already known to carry a pack with me, (also a thing to do connected with said stoma ... don't ask, please.)

    Any suggestions? No flames for jokes ... I might have heard them all by now.

    Thank you, in advance.
  2. BCRider

    BCRider Member

    Nov 15, 2008
    Pacific North"Wet" Coast of Canada
    Shoulder holster? At least for the colder time that should get you by. Not sure about what to do come summer and T shirts though.
  3. Sky

    Sky Member

    Aug 4, 2010
    I have a leather pouch err guy purse that hangs around my waist from a very sturdy strap that goes over the opposite shoulder from the bag. I can swing the bag anywhere from six to 12 o'clock position. When in a car with seat belt on the bag is at my 12 over seat belt. For me allot more comfortable than many other options. I wore a shoulder holster for several years but did not have to worry about showing the weapon and would not even consider it in S. Tx heat unless it was open carry which we don't have and I wouldn't anyway.

    Most people believe I carry a camera or my pocket stuff in the bag. It can be zipped or left open and it does not hang open for someone to view. I have a copy of my CHL and 5 mags in the bag and could reach inside and fire the weapon if I needed to without ever showing the gun. Works for me.
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  4. Delford

    Delford Member

    Jan 23, 2009
    Somewhat SW of Red Cross NC
    I agree with Sky that a shoulder bag or an attachment to the bag your already have to carry would be the least obtrusive. Hopefully you never find yourself in a position to have to use it but with practice you can easily master tactical response with such a bag.
  5. Teachu2

    Teachu2 Member

    Jan 17, 2012
    Keene, CA
    Shoulder holster or messenger bag, lunch pail, briefcase, or bowling bag. Or one of those 5.11 tee shirts with the built-in holster.
  6. Sergei Mosin

    Sergei Mosin Member

    Oct 7, 2011
    Some IWB holsters have a clip rather than belt loops - the clip is usually intended to go around a belt but it might be able to clip directly to your pants. A lanyard might help with retention.

    It is possible to put a Hi Power in a pocket, if the pocket is big enough, but you might not be able to sit down, and it won't be fully concealed.

    Shoulder rig might be just the ticket.
  7. buckhorn_cortez

    buckhorn_cortez Member

    Jul 8, 2010
    Shoulder holster or shoulder bag. I've carried both. I prefer the shoulder holster as the pistol and magazines (opposite side) fit nearly under your armpits and can easily be concealed with any type of coat or over shirt.

    I've had a shoulder holster since 1984 before the plethora of inside waist band holsters became available.

    On warm days when this is impractical, the shoulder bag works fine. I use a small leather "messenger bag" as I prefer that to wearing an over shirt trying to conceal a holster.
  8. BigJimP

    BigJimP Member

    Dec 5, 2012
    A shoulder or an ankle holster are probably the most secure...if you're flexible enough to get to an ankle holster. But no, not for a High Power...you're going to need something else...small Sig .380 or maybe a 9mm like a Sig 239 ....if you go to an ankle holster.

    Shoulder holster gives you a lot of options ...even in a T shirt / you'll need some kind of a vest...or a large shirt or whatever.../ in the winter a High Power will work in a shoulder rig...summner / maybe not...

    Suspenders are another option...and a conventional holster....but again, probably not the High Power...you need something lighter in my view.

    Off body ...the "man purse" - "day planner" look or whatever...might be ok...

    but I'd plan on the High Power just becoming a range gun....keep it / but don't plan on carrying it. But like you said - you're doing pretty well - mostly because of a good attitude ...and life goes on. and have fun with the process...
  9. Ehtereon11B

    Ehtereon11B internet infantryman

    Aug 20, 2012
    I advise against off the body carry whenever I can. Much to annoyance of my wife when I advise her not to carry in her purse. Shoulder holster is probably your best best, Condor makes a pretty good one for less than $20 and the price/quality go up from there. The only downside is you will need to use an over garment, a vest at the very least. Ankle holsters are not as readily accessible but will do in a pinch or as a backup method of carry. Pocket holsters are really good depending on what you carry. The larger the firearm in your pocket the closer you are looking for your belt to support it.
  10. BB93YJ

    BB93YJ Member

    Feb 21, 2003
    These may, or may not, be useful. I just learned of them today looking at another forum.

    To the OP, as an aside, Colon Cancer sucks doesn't it? I was diagnosed with stage 4 mCRC, metastisized Colorectal Cancer the first of May this year. Multiple tumors in the liver, 13 chemo's so far, (every two weeks). Being treated thru the Dallas VA. So far, I'm actually doing well. Unfortunately for me, right now, surgery's not an option.

    Good luck to you sir!
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