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Lee Loadmaster case feeder sticking/ primer feeding

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by dltpilot, Jul 6, 2007.

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  1. dltpilot

    dltpilot Member

    Oct 24, 2006
    I recieved my loadmaster for Christmas 2006 and am very pleased with it. Once set up using the Lee instructions and the tips supplied in this forum by Curt Briggs of Rogersville, TN it has been near flawless. I've loaded about 3000 45ACP, 200gr SWC and 230gr FMJ. I had always used Winchester primers in my Lee hand primer but found that I was loosing 2% to bad feeding with the Loadmaster, flipping sideways or upside down. I switched to Federal primers and have not had a failure in over 1000 rounds, the chrome primer cups seem to feed much smoother eliminating the problems. The case feeder started sticking after 1000 rounds binding on the feed rod. I tried polishing the feed rod, lubing with chain lube, graphite, and other oils all to no avail. After 50-100 rounds it would stick and bind again. A friend gave me some Hornady One Shot with Dyna Lube case lube to spray lube the cleaned cases before loading them into the case feeder, he claimed it reduced the force needed to cycle his Dillion 650. It didn't seem to make any difference when I used it to lube the cases but did it ever fix the the case feeder. I tried it on the feed rod and EUREKA it moved as smooth as a sip of Knob Creek, (fine 10-E-C sipping whiskey, never to be used while reloading or handling firearms). I spray the the length of the rod, no need to disassemble it, cycle the press a couple times and it is good to go for 300-500 rounds, no binding or feed problems. Hornady One Shot comes in a red labled 5.5 oz spray can with a straw, for pin point accuracy. My friend picked it up at Camp Perry but it is also available at Midway and I'm sure many other outlets.
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