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Level of accuracy I can expect from my Savage TR?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by gregj, Jan 3, 2012.

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  1. gregj

    gregj Member

    Sep 9, 2008
    N. Va.
    I recently picked up a Savage MKII TR, and fitted it with Burris XTR rings, EGW one piece base, and a Mueller 4.5-14x40 APT, and Harris bipod. I've probably run a few hundred rounds through it by now, trying as many different brands as my local range has: CCI Green Top, Velociter, Standard Velocity, Mini Mag, Federal Target, Federal Ultra Match, Federal Bulk. So far Green Top seems to be the TR's preferred ammo.

    I've found the accuracy to be much better shooting from a front and rear bag rest rather than bipod front and bag rear ( I know, no duh). Most all range work so far is at 25 yrds. But I dont think I'm getting consistent overall accuracy with it just yet. For example, I can have 5 rounds of Green Top touching each other, then the next set will have a much wider dispersion. I've noticed this also with the more $$ target ammo. :scrutiny: I know it's a crap shoot with 22LR ammo, but I was expecting higher and consistent results out of the better target and match grade stuff.

    My youngest son has a MKII BTV with a Tasco Mag 3-12, and is an absolute tack driver. I got the TR so we can some some "friendly" competition at the range. :evil:

    I've been on a quest lately finding the best load for my AR, and maybe my expectations are carrying over to the TR and are too high? Are there other things I can do to the TR that will help - like installing a thick metal bottom? Tweaking the torque on the receiver bolts?

    I can post up some target pics tonight if that will help.

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