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liability waiver to hand to "unnerved" - parallel to the business card idea

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by yy, Jun 29, 2006.

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  1. yy

    yy Member

    Jan 3, 2003
    Los Angeles, CA
    I'd love to have a legal form to hand to some smart-alek person who claims "offended" or "unnerved" in an attempt to butt into my affairs.
    In addition to telling them (subtlely) to buzz off, I'd also like to see them think about the consequences.

    Modeled on the liability waivers for parking garages, and making reference to the "good samaritan" laws, my waiver should contain the following points.
    I invite our open/conceal carry debaters to add to this list and tell off the "bliss-ninny" in a professional manner.

    I the undersigned, do not want any protection from gun-carrying non-sworn civilians. By signing below,

    I indemnify <insert our name or ANY AND ALL CCW HOLDERS or GUN OWNERS IN GENERAL> (help me with the legalise here) from any responsibility for my health or well-being.

    Being offensive, I hereby refuse any protection, assumed or real, afforded by the gun-carrying public. :p

    I absolve the gun-carrying public, individually and as a group, from any expectation to come to my aid should I come under attack or threat of attack by criminals, dogs, or other animals. :neener:

    Being central to my constitutional right to the pursuit of happiness, I forbid the gun-carrying public to interfere while I choose to risk or suffer monetary losses, bodily harm, injuries, or death by criminals, dogs, or other animals.

    Being morally superior, I will become a victim of criminals, dogs, or other animals, and the gun-carrying public is expressly forbidden from protecting me. The gun-carrying public, individually or jointly, is, therefor, released from any and all liability for my damages or moral responsibility for aiding me.

    If the presence of a gun-carrying public deterrs a would-be robber or rapist, I will protest by contacting the deterred robber and rapist and invite them to continue their business as if the gun-carrying public does not exist. :what:

    print name
    city, county, and state.

    :neener: :evil:
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