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Load data for 223 Rem using 69g SMK's

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Lone_Gunman, Apr 12, 2009.

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  1. Lone_Gunman

    Lone_Gunman Member

    Dec 24, 2002
    United Socialist States of Obama
    Does anyone have specific data for this bullet? I don't have the Sierra manual, can't find it online, and would like to see data for that specific bullet.

    What is considered the most accurate powder for this bullet?
  2. RugerOldArmy

    RugerOldArmy Member

    Sep 18, 2004
    Earth, Milky Way
    Sierra Links:

    Bolt Action .223 Rem Sierra Guide

    AR 15 .223 Rem Sierra Guide

    I like Varget, N135, N140, and RL-15 for 69 SMK(s). Sierra likes N540 for Bolt-Actions, and Varget of AR15(s).

    Here's a pic of some test groups @300, and you can read the sloppy label listing my load:


    (I no longer crimp my target loads. Those loads were during testing for both ARs and Bolt rifles. Learned my lesson. ;) )
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  3. loadedround

    loadedround Member

    Feb 18, 2006
    Valley Forge, Pa
    I hope this informationn helps you. I have been loading the Sierra 69 gr HPBT Matchking bullet with 25.5 gr of Varget in my Colt H-Bar with a 1-7" barrel twist and getting less than 5/8" 3 shot groups at 100 yds. I can get slight better accruacy from 25.7 gr but at the cost of slightly sticky extraction. :)
  4. Slamfire

    Slamfire Member

    Dec 29, 2006
    When I finally decided to go to the "dark side", and shoot an AR, I conducted load testing with the commonly used powders of the era.

    The primers I used were the nickel plated WSR. When Winchester changed over to the thinner, more sensitive “brass finish” primers, I had to cut loads because the primers pierced. After eating up enough firing pins with the first and last 5000 brass finish WSR I purchased, I went completely over to CCI primers. These loads work perfectly with the thicker CCI and CCI#41 primers.

    I did chronograph higher velocities, but after much use I decided that 2800 fps was a good velocity limit in my rifles, so I am not showing the faster data. My upper limit is based on use in 100 F weather out to 300 yards. When I push 69’s much faster than 2800 fps I get blown primers and pierced primers in hot weather, so that’s my limit.

    I know guys who push 77’s faster than I push my 69’s. I don’t know how their cases or rifles hold up and I am not going to try to find out why.

    AA2495 is charge for charge the same as IMR 4895. Accurate arms told me this powder duplicates the IMR 4895 pressure. Stupidly they call it AA2495 instead of AA4895, which would be a great indication that it is a copy. If it is cheaper, go buy it.

    You will find that IMR 4895/AA2495 or surplus 4895 shoots exceptionally well with 69’s, 75’s, and 80’s, in the AR.

    I don’t shoot lighter bullets, so who knows.

    AA2520 was popular with service rifle shooters, it is a ball powder and meters well. It leaves a lot of residue in the mechanism. Probably the largest knock against it, and other AA powders is that each and every lot of any Accurate Arms can be radically different from the last. You have to be very careful when using AA data, and work up your own loads with new lots. Accurate Arms switches between powder vendors, and each vendor’s powder is a law unto its self.

    Surprisingly, the Chinese made AA2495 and AA2520 was good stuff.

    There are so many powders that will do well in the .223, all of them just a little faster, or a little slower than IMR 4895.

    N140 calls to mind, and I have friends who are fanatics about N540. Varget has a great following.

    What you find, whenever a new powder comes out on the market, it becomes the great new thing. People use it, declare it to the be the end of history, and five years later, they move on to the next great new thing. Still, there are a lot of older powders that shoot as well as they ever did, but they became "old hat" to the fashionistas.

    M15A2 Armalite 20” 1:8 Stainless Wilson Barrel	 
    69 gr Sierra Match  23.0 grs N135  wt'd LC Mixed, WSR, OAL 2.250"		
    6-Sep-99	T = 92°F						
    Ave Vel =	2692					 	
    Std Dev =	41					 	
    ES =	126					 	
    Low =	2620					  	
    High =	2746					 	
    N =	10						
    69 gr Sierra Match  23.5 grs N135  wt'd  WCC91, WSR, OAL 2.250"		
    22-Apr-99	T = 75-80°F						
    Ave Vel =	2857						
    Std Dev =	22						
    ES =	69						
    Low =	2824						
    High =	2893						
    N =	10						
    69 gr Sierra Match  24.5 grs AA2520  wt'd  WCC91, WSR, OAL 2.250"	
    11-Nov-97	T = 48 °F						
    Ave Vel =	2754						
    Std Dev =	43						
    ES =	191						
    Low =	2666						
    High =	2857						
    N =	15						
    69 gr Sierra Match  25 grs AA2520  wt'd  WCC91, WSR, OAL 2.250"		
    11-Nov-97	T = 48 °F						
    Ave Vel =	2818						
    Std Dev =	14						
    ES =	44						
    Low =	2789						
    High =	2833						
    N =	10						
    69 gr Sierra Match  23.0 grs AA2495  wt'd  WCC91, WSR, OAL 2.250"	
    11-Nov-97	T = 52 °F						
    Ave Vel =	2571					 	
    Std Dev =	13					 	
    ES =	39					 	
    Low =	2546					 	
    High =	2585					 	
    N =	10						
    69 gr Sierra Match  23.5 grs AA2495  wt'd  WCC91, WSR, OAL 2.250"	
    11-Nov-97	T = 52 °F						
    Ave Vel =	2670						
    Std Dev =	14						
    ES =	41						
    Low =	2649						
    High =	2690						
    N =	10						
    69 gr Sierra Match  24.0 grs AA2495  wt'd  WCC91, WSR, OAL 2.250"	
    11-Nov-97	T = 52 °F						
    Ave Vel =	2766					 	
    Std Dev =	12					 	
    ES =	32					 	
    Low =	2749					 	
    High =	2781					 	
    N =	10						
    69 gr Sierra Match  24.5 grs AA2495  wt'd  WCC91, WSR, OAL 2.250"	
    11-Nov-97	T = 52 °						
    Ave Vel =	2808						
    Std Dev =	28						
    ES =	85						
    Low =	2778						
    High =	2863						
    N = 10
  5. kelbro

    kelbro Member

    Nov 11, 2007
    Desert Southwest
    A case full of Varget (~26 gr) and a 69gr SMK works well in several of my 223s. 75gr AMaxes do even better as do 73gr Bergers (non-VLD thin jackets). Another good bullet is the 65gr JLK and it is my preferred bullet for long range yotes.
  6. Eb1

    Eb1 Member

    Jan 15, 2008
    I am shooting CCI 450's with 24.5 H4895 loaded to 2.260 OAL. Average fps is around 2864, and group size @ 100 is .5 with iron sights from a 20" Colt HBAR factory trigger.

    Now don't go buying up all the H4895. :D

    I had a chance yesterday to stock up on Varget. I have never tried it so I left it stay at the store. I am sure it is good powder, but I have a good loadings for H4895, and my other rifles shoot that powder well. Being that my hometown is out of everything, I bought what H4895 the store I was in had instead of picking up the Varget.

    Looking at the loading for both Varget/H4895 for .223. I cannot tell the difference on paper between the two, but as I said, I have never used Varget.
  7. chutchis

    chutchis Member

    Oct 15, 2006
    I was just looking thru some old notes and found my favorite load for my old Rock River Ar-15 with 24" BB. I used 24.4g of Varget with the Sierra 69MK and Lapua match brass and WSR primer with OAL at 2.69 (my AR had a Wylde chamber). It was a great load for that gun and shot really nice groups at 200 yards. Never had a chrony so I don't know what velocities were.
  8. NuJudge

    NuJudge Member

    May 20, 2006
    SE Michigan
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