Long time heirloom


Dec 23, 2002
Chihuahuan desert
A very long time shooting partner of mine is 87 years old and still shoots sub MOA groups at a 1,000 yds prone off a bipod. Below is pictured his Wheelock and Allen 22 short that was bought new by his grandfather around 1857! My friend made the replacement grips and still shoots it occasionally with short CP caps. The pistol is going to his niece when he passes.

That's a pretty long time for one family to continuously own any object. .

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Side-hammers are stinkin cool. Kinda steampunk but not really because it’s so well done and original too. It’s nice when a good item simply goes down the line too. I should hope that your friend supplies a healthy quantity of ammunition with the gun, and would highly suggest gifting it rather than leaving it for inheritance. Seems like no family avoids a fight anymore so gifting it ensures that it gets to the right place, and gifting it secretively protects everybody from 3rd cousin horsethief needlearm during the funeral. If nobody knows where things went then nobody is mad at anybody and nobody knows where to go to steal that thing which they do strongly desire.