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Looking for infor on Dan Wesson 44 mag

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by mugsie, Nov 5, 2006.

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  1. mugsie

    mugsie Member

    May 8, 2006
    I'm in the market for a 44 magnum and ran across a Dan Wesson the other day in one of the local shops. Checking out the cylinder, it had more play than most other models I checked. When the cylinder was locked up, there was still what I though to be excessive wiggle from side to side. The gap also looked very tight although the owner said their barrels are screwed in and the gap can easly be set to whatever I wanted (now why buy a gun then pay a gunsmith to modify it - why not buy something that checks out right right out of the box?). Anyway, does anyone have any information on Dan Wesson 44 mag revolvers? Are they a decent gun? Stand up well? Relatively error free? Any information will help. I'm tending towards a Ruger new super redhawk but they're kinda pricy. S&W? Taurus? I need some help on this one. Thanks....
  2. John C

    John C Member

    Nov 17, 2004

    What the gunshop clerk probably didn't tell you is that Dan Wesson's have user interchangeable barrels. Yep, those barrels screw right off with a handy little wrench. That means 2 things:

    1) You can easily change barrel lengths. Want a 8 inch barrel for pig hunting? It screws on in a minute. Want a 4 inch barrel for backpacking? Another minute and it's screwed on. Part of screwing on a barrel is setting the cylinder gap, for which a feeler guage is supplied. Adjusting the cylinder gap is an easy, 30 second job.

    2) The method of screwing the removable barrels into the frames involves threads at the end of barrel that attaches to the frame, but also a nut on the end of the barrel that tensions the barrel into the barrel shroud. Much like plywood, the tension between the barrel and shroud creates a stiffer barrel. This lends itself to extremely accurate barrels.

    Dan Wessons were well known on the silhouette shooting circuit ~25 years ago. They withstood thousands of hot .44 mag loads, many more than comparable Smith and Wesson revolvers.

    I have two Dan Wessons, though both in .357. The next time I see a Dan Wesson .44 mag, it's going home with me. They're GREAT revolvers.

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