Lyman T-mag press.

You got a deal.

I have had one of those for decades. It is a great press, massive cast iron construction, lots of leverage for small base sizing 30-06 cases. Mine, the handle angles a little off to the side on the down stroke and that is good for the elbow and wrist. I have multiple turrets and never used them. With good dies and a controlled amount of case lube, I had case neck run outs a thousandth of an inch. Strangely, too much lube and erratic levels of lube increased case neck run out.

My main complaint is primers coming out of the primer cup. A tight primer will eject itself out of the collecting cup as it rebounds from rocketing out of the pocket. Never hurts to have a shop vac near by to vacuum up primers.

Had powder spills today pulling bullets. A shop vac is an indispensable reloading accessory!
76BD3671-801B-48AC-97C0-33624FA9F89D.jpeg That’s what I use. I have multiple turrets with all of my dies set up for quick change outs.

It’s very rugged and I’ve never had an issue with it other than a few primers missing the tray when popped out. No big deal.

The electronic scale is still accurate and dependable. Powder thrower does a good job. I bought a desktop mount for mine.

$300 is a good deal. I’d buy it.
I have one, haven’t used it in years. Turrets tilt a little and extras are not very cheap. Did load quite a bit of ammunition on it though and they all went bang.

I have a few of the Lyman 55 measures and they are good for somethings other powder measures are not so great at, as there are multiple ways to achieve the same volume throw with them. (Small/deep hole or large/shallow).
A friend of mine has one and loves it. It was his dads so it has some age on it. With the 6 holes he can add dies for 2 different calibers. Its seems to be a nice solid press.

Found one on amazon. 47.00 more. But hope it was in stock now. It said last one. It has a balance scale. VS the digital.
A good balance scale is the best kind to have , it doen't stop working when the power goes out ...
electronic can get wonky with lights and motors on the same circuit and they never run out of batteries ! Use the balance and hang onto it ... I've used one for 50+ years .
The electronic one I bought sucks rocks ... it can't seem to get a itself zeroed ... I just don't trust it .
Can you set the scale at the weight you want. Then when it shows center on the bar. It's where you want it? I don't know much about them.

I can on my RCBS 505, and you should be able to with the Lyman scale as well.

When I start, I zero and level my scale with the pan on it, then set my charge weight (say 5.0 grains or whatever for what I'm loading), then I drop a charge in the pan and place it on the scale. If it lands on the center line it's good to go. Rinse and repeat for your comfort level. I weigh every charge, some people weigh every fifth or tenth, really up to you and whether you trust your measure.

If it lands above the line, it's heavy (overcharged), and if it lands below the line it's light. My scale has three lines, and IIRC the distance between the upper and lower line equals 0.7 grains. I may be mistaken on that but I seem to remember reading it and it has stuck with me.

New kit came. Im happy with everything but the beam scale, It's plastic! It took me some time to figure out the measure.When i was setting a charge. It would vary by 5 grains. I messed around some more. Then i tightened the adjust bar screws. It was consistent then. My guess the drum wasn't moving correctly. The directions for it are very vague. The Hornady dies are tall too, I couldn't fit them next to powder drop.