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Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by ExAgoradzo, Oct 19, 2019.

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    Jun 8, 2008
    $23.99 recently at Brownell's
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    Jul 6, 2006
    You just made me look up the battle rifle challenge we had a few months ago, you can scroll through it and see what some us did with 10 shots at 100 yards. There have been members who have posted targets who didn't enter that challenge who had better groups.

    What is accurate or not? that depends on a person's opinion. For some if it isn't 1 MOA or less it isn't good enough. For some they judge a three shot group, others a five shot group (I like five shot groups) but then there is a ten shot group which some say is more representative , not just a lucky three or five shot group lol.

    The bulls in that thread on a SR-1 target is 6 inches in diameter. I don't shoot expensive match ammo, I don't reload, my experience is a M1A with surplus or factory milspec ammo and iron sights, averages 2 1/2 to 3 inches groups of five at 100 yds, and four to five inch groups of 10 shots 100 yards. For me, given a 6 inch bulls is but the size of a bead at 100 yards, that's good to me
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    Nov 10, 2008
    We are talking about different animals here. The Mi Garand was and is vastly more accurate than a Ruger ranch rifle. No comparision. The ranch rifle was made to look something like an M-14.
    Issue Garands were decently accurate around 2 MOA without effort. I owned one. I was issued and trained with M-14. The actual military ones were capable of very excellent accuracy. I put 9 out of ten shots in one hole in practice. Easily sub MOA. I served with the AMU temp duty. Also not many had wood stocks. Most had fiberglass stocks. Having owned a Garand and trained on and used an real M-14, the M-14 is much shorter and lighter. Most also had the full auto feature( selector switch) disabled. You had to use it in short bursts. The manual of arms was well performed with the M-14 and drill teams still use them. A good shot could hit pop up targets at 600 meters with them in qualifying. When I was switched to an M-16 prior to going to Vietnam they did shorten the qualifying range to 400 meters. Hitting targets at 400 meters was even easier than the great M-14.
    Now the "M-1A" is a civilian copy made to different specs than a real M-14. A friend of mine shoots matches with three of them. They do vary some in accuracy but with a good smith can be made to shoot very accurately and are used in 600 yard matches. He has had roller problems but was fixed and that after thousands of rounds.
    In short, all versions of the Grand, M-14 and Mia are very good rifles reliable and accurate or can be made very accurate. A Ranch Rifle, while made to look and function something like an M-14 is not anything like it.
    For the same money it is a toss up between the civilian M1a and an AR-10. The difference being accuracy slight edge, AR. Feel and handling to the M1a.I know how to use one with a bayonet. Either one is a very good rifle.
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    Oct 28, 2018
    Please don't muck up this thread with useful information.

    Where's the popcorn?
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    I took #MtMillitiaman at his word. Aero precision made the parts. I put them together.

    Getting higher rings and Ambi safety and charging handle (Midway will ship them Monday).
    Pardon the CA legal business, it’s the price of living here. Lord willing before long that won’t be an issue.

    Got the 20” barrel and the rifle stock because that is how I plan to treat it. Not necessarily hunting, but not made for close quarters.

    Now, this does NOT mean I don’t plan to get an M1A! But it does mean that that purchase is put off for a while. Zero gun money for some time now...

    Thanks for the advice THR!


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