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Mags store loaded - surprise no slide lock!

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Ringer, Mar 13, 2005.

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  1. Ringer

    Ringer Member

    Mar 31, 2003
    North Georgia
    I always heard that springs get worn out from being exercised not from being compressed for periods of time. Well my USP 45F had been sitting with two mags loaded for about the last 6 months or so I'm guessing. Took it to the range to find out that neither magazine will lock the slide back when empty. It functioned and fed cartridges fine otherwise. Replaced both (original) mag springs, all is well. This gun probably has about 600 -700 rounds through split between the two mags.

    Just wondering how common this is. I plan on rotating mag springs every so often now as I like to keep the mags loaded.
  2. yesterdaysyouth

    yesterdaysyouth Member

    Dec 25, 2002
    N. KY
    that sure seems like a short life span for any mag spring...

    i've got all kinds of mags that stay loaded all the time and have for the past 2 years, and i've never had a problem with slide lock...
  3. P0832177

    P0832177 member

    Jun 8, 2003
    Go get some Wolff replacement springs!
    This will solve the problems you having!
  4. jonnyc

    jonnyc Member

    Dec 5, 2004
    SE Pennsylvania
    I would have thought that if they were too weak to engage the slide lock, they would have given you some feeding problems. I'd check to see of the followers got "gunked" in some way into the wrong attitude. HK mag springs should not have failed with so few rounds.
  5. Walt Sherrill

    Walt Sherrill Member

    Jan 1, 2003
    Winston-Salem, NC
    Seems like its a bit too soon for spring failure...

    But while we're on the topic:

    Wolff Springs, which knows something about mag springs, has a FAQ topic on their website about this issue. They say, in effect, that while working a spring wears it, over time, the biggest stress on a spring is when it is left compressed at its design limit.

    For 1911 mags with 7 rounds, Wolff says they can stay loaded for years and years, without degradation.

    For 10-round mags, they'll probably be alright, too.

    But for hi cap mags -- which often use the same springs as the 10-round mags for the same gun -- leaving them loaded without downloading a round or two will do them in.

    For some of guns with compact grips like SIG 245, or a .45 (like a SIG 220 with an 8-round mag), and maybe your H&K, leaving them fully loaded might be pushing the limit, too. For long-term storage.

    Replace your springs and if storing loaded for longer periods, download a round or two. For carry, carry them fully loaded.
  6. Jacobus Rex

    Jacobus Rex Member

    Jan 14, 2004
    Southeast Texas
    That does some like a too short period of time. However, Wolff springs are good stuff. It is even good to keep extras around.

    That being said, I'm a little paranoid, so I keep a revolver handy! :neener:
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