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Making an SBS (on Form 1), but under 21 years old?

Discussion in 'NFA Firearms and Accessories' started by Njal Thorgeirsson, Nov 7, 2013.

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  1. Njal Thorgeirsson

    Njal Thorgeirsson Member

    Feb 14, 2011
    Colorado, USA

    I'm currently looking to purchase a Stoeger SxS shotgun to build a SBS. I've looked through ATF form 1, and I am aware that there is a check yes/no question as to whether I am "under 21 years of age." I don't turn 21 until April, so I'd like to go ahead and send off the forms after I get the shotgun and complete the paperwork. To my knowledge, there are no federal or [Colorado] state laws preventing me from possessing or making a SBS, but it says I need to append an extra page with a description of why I stated that I am under 21.

    1) Is there a chance that I might get rejected on the grounds that I am not 21? I have heard of many people doing SBR's before they were 21, so I assume it won't get you rejected.

    2) What do I say on the appended sheet to explain that I don't need to be 21?

    3) If they reject the forms for that reason can I just wait and resend them in April?

    Thanks for the help!
  2. Telekinesis

    Telekinesis Member

    Jan 23, 2011
    Birmingham, Alabama
    Manufacturing a Title 2 weapon is legal at 18, it's only the transfer through the FFL/SOT that requires you to be 21, so there should be no reason you would be rejected.

    I'm not positive on what you should put on the extra sheet, but you don't need to explain that you don't need to be 21 (they already know that), you just need to state that you are over 18 but under 21. Something like "my DOB is xx/xx/xxxx, at the time of application I am 20 years old" should be all that's needed.

    OARNGESI Member

    Sep 9, 2011
    go for it with the wait times now you'll probably be 40 before you get your stamp anyways.
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