Man who disarmed criminal shot by responding police

Discussion in 'Strategies, Tactics, and Training' started by Jeff White, Feb 26, 2018.

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  1. NWPilgrim

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    Feb 7, 2018
    Using that failed logic no one should conceal carry either. You know, only uniformed officers are qualified to defend themselves.

    Perhaps police should be better trained to assess a situation before they go all command voice and shooting. I think this reflects the PC concept that "guns are bad, all the time." Anyone holding a gun must therefore be bad. Just maybe police should be trained on other indicators of threat rather than just "holding a gun." Maybe they should be made aware that if a citizen or plainclothes officer who just fired in self-defense that their hearing may be messed up, and after shooting someone they may be in a bit of shock and not immediately responsive.

    I understand some states allow a quicker trigger finger for police. But speaking as a citizen, who eventually pays for a police force, you may want to consider how that shoot first and sort it out later approach plays with the public. You may ensure you go home safe at the cost of another's life, possibly an innocent's, but in the long run it may create a wall between you and those you ostensibly serve. Shooting one's customers, even by mistake, is generally bad for business. Being unapologetic about and claiming the rules allow it does not make it go down any sweeter.

    Whenever govt agents get to live and operate by their own rules not allowed to private citizens, you immediately start creating the them-versus-us mentality on both sides.
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  2. Warp

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    Jan 22, 2008
    Dropping the gun and putting your hands in the air is still going to be the best single default course of action. Hopefully cops in your area don't shoot you for raising up empty hands, if so, have you considered moving?
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