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Marines in Iraq

Discussion in 'Legal' started by Mgraff, Oct 31, 2004.

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  1. Mgraff

    Mgraff Member

    Oct 23, 2003
    I am not sure if this is allowed in the forum..but I'll post it ...Mods please remove if I screwed up I'm risking this because... I think it is something we could all help with, our chance to give alittle back.

    I recieved this from John Farnham today..thought I'd share with you as X-mas is coming and our boys could use some "love" so to speak. Here is your chance to play Santa!!! I'm sure most of us have a decent folder or fixed blade we're not using, lying around, or could afford a few pairs of socks, some SF123 Lithium batteries or a G2 Surefire. Thanks for your help...

    "Mr and Mrs Farnam,

    Well, bare with me for I'm not of elegant speech or writhing, but I will do
    my best to express my gratitude for your support, and support of your friends
    and comrades over here. There have been some wonderful packages containing
    items that all have enjoyed.

    It is nice to see the faces of those who receive gifts, like a knife, a
    flashlight, cleaning gear, socks, and Surefire batteries. They all know these
    items our not cheap and are usually bewildered when they receive such items;
    thinking who in the world would be so generous to give such things and how did I
    get so lucky to receive them. For many, a Sgt and below, they have not had a
    wonderful childhood were parents had money, nor do they. So, buying items
    such as ones given by you and your friends is a luxury they do not have. I know
    lot of us take this for granted and can buy these things with little or no
    thought of the price, but, to the ones to whom I give these items, I can see
    written in their faces the thanks that they will never be able to express, but
    they cherish the item as if they had received a sack of gold!"

    A message like that makes my day! If you want to really help these guys,
    put a package together and send it on. Here is the original message:

    What deployed Marines need:

    Cold Steel, Emerson knives, fixed and folding
    White socks
    Dry lube, Hoppe's, Outer's, Remington
    9mm and 223 Boresnake
    Beretta OEM 92F normal-capacity magazines
    Leatherman tools
    Surefire flashlights
    LED "soft" lights

    This is what my students in Country tell me they need and can't get. If you
    want to help, put together a care package and send it to:

    MSgt Earl Mitchell
    UIC 41106
    FPO, AP 96426-1106
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