Markham King 2236

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    Jan 12, 2020
    Here is a Markham King 2236 I have just restored. And now it's time to test it. Hope you enjoy my video.
    The Daisy no. 101 and 102 represent the “Depression Era” BB guns that were first produced in 1933. They really were just the Markham King 2233 gun rebranded as a Daisy no. 101 model 33. The 500 shot no.102 was also released in 1933. Both guns were reissued with longer barrels in 1936 and were subsequently named “Model 36”. The shot tubes on the later 1936 models were removable unlike the no.102 Model 33 which was peened shut. In 1916, Daisy executives bought controlling interest in Markham Air Rifle Company. During the Great Depression, King Air Rifle Company suffered huge losses, while Daisy experienced a thirty percent reduction in sales. In 1931, the King plant was closed and from then on, all King guns were manufactured at the Daisy plant., Although King guns had always been as good as Daisy's, most boys preferred to own a Daisy. The Red Ryder had not yet come into design until 1938 ,
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    Jun 22, 2020
    Like the video..I've always like the Old Daisy and Older BB Guns..You do a good Job..
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