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Matching pistols in .22 and centerfire,,,

Discussion in 'Handguns: General Discussion' started by aarondhgraham, Nov 16, 2012.

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  1. aarondhgraham

    aarondhgraham Member

    Sep 28, 2012
    Stillwater, Oklahoma
    I like to collect and shoot pistols that come in .22 rimfire versions and centerfire versions.

    About a year and a half ago I started to compile a list of these guns,,,
    With the help of a lot of people at another forum,,,
    I was able to compile this list.

    Can any of you good folk add any other handguns to this list?


    Astra: Constable in .380 ACP & Constable in .22 LR.

    Beretta: Cheetah (84, 85, 86 series) in .380 & Cheetah 87 in .22LR. (I own the 85/87 pair).

    Beretta: Model 70 in .32 & Model 71 in .22 LR.

    Beretta: Bobcat in .25 ACP/.32 ACP & Bobcat in .22 LR.


    • Chia Pet,,, eerrr,,, Chiappa model 92 in .22 LR.

    Bersa: Thunder .380 & Thunder .22 LR. (I own this pair).

    Bersa: Firestorm .380 & Firestorm .22 LR.

    Charter Arms: Undercover in .38 Special & Pathfinder in .22 LR (A lady friend owns/loves them both).

    Colt: S.A.A. & Colt S.A.A. .22 (same full size frame 1st. gen.)

    Colt: S.A.A. & Colt Peacemaker .22

    Colt: New Frontier & Colt New Frontier .22

    Colt: Bisley & Colt Bisley .22 (Never a factory offering..but popular conversion in 20's thru 50's)

    Colt: Trooper Mk III in .357 Mag & Trooper Mk III in .22LR. (I own this pair).

    Colt: Diamondback in .38 Special & Diamondback in .22 LR.

    Colt: Officers Model Match in .38 Special & Officers Model Match in .22 LR.

    Colt: 1911 in .45ACP & 1911 Ace in .22 LR.

    • Chiappa = made by Chiappa
    • Puma = made by Chiappa
    • Bersa American Classic 22 = made by Chiappa
    • GSG = made by GSG
    • Sig = made by GSG
    • Colt = made by Walther/Umarex
    • Browning = made by Browning (not full size)

    CZ: CZ-75B in 9mm & CZ-75B Kadet in .22LR. (I own this pair and the Kadet rocks!).

    Daewoo: Model DH380 in .380acp and the Model DP52 in .22 LR.

    EAA: Witness Combo 9mm/.22 LR. Sold with both a 9mm and a .22 LR upper.

    EAA: Witness Combo .45/.22 LR. Sold with both a .45 and a .22 LR upper.

    Erma: Erma ESP 85A in .32 S&W & Erma ESP 85A in .22 LR.

    Hammerli: Hammerli 280 in .32 S&W Long WC & Hammerli 280 in .22 LR (Funky looking target pistol).

    Hammerli: Hammerli P240 in .38 WC/.32 & Hammerli P240 in .22 LR.

    Heckler & Koch: HK4 in .380/.32/.25 & HK4 in .22LR (First pistol produced by H&K).

    Korth: Sport or Combat in .357 Magnum & Sport or Combat in .22 LR.

    Manhurin: Manhurin MR 73 in .357/.38/9mm/.332 S&W Long & Manhurin MR 73 in .22LR (standard issue with France's elite police and military Special Weapons and Tactics teams).

    Ruger: Single-Six in .32 H&R Magnum & Single-Six in .22 LR.

    Ruger: SP-101 in .38/.357 & SP-101 in .22LR,,,
    This is the old style with full lug barrels and non-adjustable sights

    Ruger: SP-101 in .38/.357 & SP-101 in .22LR,,,
    This is the new style with fiber optic front and adjustable rear sight.
    The one difference between the two is the half lug barrel on the .22 version.

    Ruger: LCR-38/357 & LCR-22

    Sig: SIG P220 in .45 & P220 Classic 22 in .22 LR.

    Sig: SIG P226 in .357 Sig /.40S&W & P226 Classic 22 in .22LR (Ask Microgunner for a review).

    Sig: SIG P229 in 9mm/.357 Sig/.40 S&W & P229 Classic 22 in .22 LR.

    There is an interesting thing about these .22 Sigs,,,
    Sig sells the SIG SAUER X-CHANGE Kit™ conversion kit for all three of the Classic 22's,,,
    That kit converts the .22 pistol up to shoot the appropriate centerfire cartridges.

    Star: Model H or HN in 380ACP & Model HF or HK in 22LR.

    S&W: Model 36 in .38 Special & Model 34 in .22LR. (I own this pair).

    S&W: Model 16-4 in .32 H&R Magnum & Model 617 in .22 LR.
    (The 16-4 is the only version that has a full-lug barrel to exactly match the 617.)

    S&W: Model 15 in .38 Special & Model 18 in .22LR. (I own this pair).

    S&W: Model 14 in .38 Special & Model 17 in .22LR.

    S&W: Model 10 in .38 Special & Model 45 in .22LR. (very rare and I want one)

    S&W: Model 60 in .38 Special and Model 63 in .22 LR.

    S&W: Model 442 in .38 Special & Model 43 C in .22 LR.

    S&W: Model 681 in .357 Mag & Model 617 in .22 LR.

    S&W: M&P (9mm, .357 Auto, .40, & .45) / M&P .22.

    Taurus: Model 25--- in .25 ACP & PT22 in 22 LR.

    Taurus: PLY in .25 ACP & PLY in .22 LR. (I own this pair).

    Walther: P1 in 9mm/.30 Luger & P1 in .22 LR.

    Walther: Walther PP in .380 & Walther PP in .22LR (.22 LR version is no longer made).

    Walther: Walther GSP in .32 S&W Long WC & Walther GSP in .22LR.

    Walther: Walther TPH in .25 ACP & Walther TPH in .22 LR.

    Walther: Walther PPK in .380 & Walther PPK in .22 LR.

    Walther: Walther PPK/L in .380 & Walther PPK/L in .22 LR.

    Walther: Walther PPK/S in .380 & Walther PPK/S in .22 LR.

    Conversion kits,,,

    Beretta: Beretta 92 in 9mm & Beretta 92 Series .22 LR Practice Kit.

    1911: Advantage Arms (advantagearms.com).

    1911: Marvel Conversion Kit (www.marvelprecision.com).

    1911: Kimber .22 conversion kit. http://store.kimberamerica.com

    Glock: Advantage Arms (advantagearms.com).

    Tactical Solutions .22 conversion kit for the Glock 17/22

    Ciener: 22 Conversion Kits for 1911, Beretta/Taurus, Browning Hi-Power, and Glock. www.22lrconversions.com

    Twisted Industries: 22lr conversion for the Kel Tec 9mm PF9 and P11.


    So if you good folk can come up with any more,,,
    I'll add them to the list.


  2. RaceM

    RaceM Member

    Apr 12, 2011
    EAA Windicator in .38 Special, .22LR/magnum convertible
  3. ATBackPackin

    ATBackPackin Member

    Dec 10, 2009
    Valley Forge, PA.
    I didn't see this one in your list, although pretty thorough list.

    Ruger SR9/40/c vs. Ruger SR22
  4. danez71

    danez71 Member

    Aug 17, 2009

    They also make that in a .32 if you want to add it to the list.

    Thats all I got :eek:
  5. creeper1956

    creeper1956 Member

    Sep 29, 2012
    Washington State
    H&K P7K3 in .22, .32ACP, .380ACP / P7M8 or M13 in 9mm, P7M10 in .40 cal.
  6. Rexster

    Rexster Member

    Mar 25, 2007
    SE Texas
    The S&W Model 17, or at least the version I have, also matches, in external dimensions, the S&W Model 19, which I also have.
  7. usp9

    usp9 Member

    Dec 17, 2005
    Bowling Green, Va
    Iver Johnson TP22 and TP25. This gun was also made by American Arms and Erma As the PX22 and PX25.

    Beretta 948 came in .22lr and .380 and maybe .32, I'm not sure.

    Are the Walther P22 and PK380 close enough to be the same gun?
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2012
  8. weblance

    weblance Member

    Sep 15, 2011
    Taurus 905/85 9mm or 38 sp & Taurus 94 22 LR (I own the 905/94 pair)
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