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Max Michel training class (Central Texas)

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by karlrehn, Jul 2, 2007.

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  1. karlrehn

    karlrehn Member

    Jul 2, 2007
    We are bringing US Army Marksmanship Unit team captain Max Michel to our range near Austin, Texas for 3 days of competition handgun training.
    For those unfamiliar with Max: he was the youngest person ever to get to Grand Master in IPSC and he's been on the Army team for the past 7 years. He just won the USPSA Nationals (again) and he's won the Steel Challenge and many other major matches with a variety of firearm types (iron sights and raceguns). http://www.maxmichel.com

    Classes coming up are:
    Friday, July 27 Advanced Steel Challenge, $250 (limited to people B-class IPSC or higher or equivalent IDPA class with Steel Challenge competition experience)
    Saturday, July 28, Steel Challenge, $200
    Sunday, July 29, IPSC class, $200.

    The Sat and Sun classes are primarily for people already active in Steel Challenge and IPSC competition but the skills to be covered are applicable to IDPA and defensive pistol as well. The Steel Challenge match (coming up in August in California) has a separate category for competitors using IDPA gear so if you are an IDPA shooter that has never shot steel the Saturday class would be a good choice. A few spaces are still available in each class.

    For info
    Our facility is 1 hr from Austin, 1 hr from Bryan, 2 hrs from Houston, 2 hrs from Waco, 2 hrs from San Antonio. Hotels 30 mins from the range in Elgin.

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