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Mika Lobo Pocket IWB Holster Review

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by Tony_the_tiger, Feb 26, 2011.

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  1. Tony_the_tiger

    Tony_the_tiger Member

    Jan 3, 2011
    Folks, I'd like to tell you about the luck i've had in finding a holster for the s&W 296, 2.5" snubby, L-frame revolver.

    The reputation of excellence that Robert Mika enjoys is evident in the workmanship of his pocket holster. After speaking with board-member Stainz regarding the 296, I contacted Mika... Stainz's recommendation was to try a round cut, and bob said he could get one out in 10 days or so.

    Pocket-carrying an L-frame, even one with a 2.5" snout, can be accomplished, but most folks don't think so. In my experience, it works best in cargo shorts or long-pocket pants. I'll be using it today, pocketed, in my black suit slacks. I havn't found a pair of jeans it works with yet, however.

    One thing I can say about a Mika pocket is that, compared to raw pocket carry, the speed of draw is very quick. Furthermore, the firearm is easy to re-sheath due to a reinforced mouth. Retention is low, but is accomplished by the weight of the gun in the pocket and the tension against the leg. I have nothing bad to say about this holster, and its only downside is low feasibility in certain dress conditions.




    Supporting the Mika for more traditional IWB carry is a Lobo Gun Leather IWB. Ray, the heart and soul of Lobo, has received mix reviews of his work on the internet. However, I have yet to lay hands on an IWB holster more suited to my needs than this one. Compared to the simply rugged OWB/IWB combo on my Gp100, which is simply rugged and meets my needs for that firearm... The Lobo IWB is beautifully boned, nice and stiff upon purchase, and extremely comfortable when squished between my belt and body.

    Some folks might say "If you are going to belt carry, why not bring the full size, duty type firearm?". The answer is weight and comfort. Although it may be ideal to carry a duty size firearm at times, the bulk and length of something like the GP100 or a 1911 requires additional clothing that is out of place at times in my state. That size of gun is concealable for me under an overcoat of some sort, or a flannel, whereas I can pull this rig off with a moderately sized polo with buttons, or a large t shirt.

    I can't emphasize how well designed, functional, concealable, and comfortable the Lobo holster is. I'll let these photos speak for the rest of the review. I wear it strong side around 3 o clock.





    The point of a snubby for me is to supplement my collection and allow carry at virtually all times without compromising dress or comfort. These holsters help the 296 out in that respect, and improve its capacity for concealment and constant carry.

    I have a FIST #20 left handed IWB on the way for this same model, but it has yet to be completed. I am right handed, and my wife is left handed. We both enjoy our rights to carry. I can't comment on the FIST yet, but will update this thread after I have the chance to evaluate it.

    The firearm is certainly a handful, especially when loaded with 200 gr corbon DPX, my preferred defense load. In my opinion, it may be the perfect mix of caliber and weight for my ccw purposes. Of course, your mileage may vary.

    I have not laid my hands on a better holster than the Robert Mika Pocket, or the Lobo Gunleather IWB. They are both excellent and know exactly what their purpose is. If you are contemplating a purchase of either, I encourage you to buy both.



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