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Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by wacki, Oct 28, 2006.

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  1. skynyrd1911

    skynyrd1911 Member

    Sep 13, 2003
    Jonesboro, AR
    If I had to go again, I'd do it the same way as before. USAF There's nothing quite like the feeling of watching a fighter deploy it's weapons after performing engine work on it. Jet Mechs do it with more THRUST! :what:
    A-7 Corsairs & A-10 Warthogs and unfortunately AWACS.
  2. thebaldguy

    thebaldguy Member

    Dec 25, 2002
    Minnesota 10,000 lakes and even more taxes
    If I had to do it all over, I would have learned something worthwhile besides infantry operations. Medical, mechanical, something worthwhile and something that teaches a skill usable outside the military.
  3. BulldogUSMC

    BulldogUSMC Member

    Oct 3, 2006

    U.S.M.C.-Military Police

    No better BROTHERHOOD in the world!!!!!
  4. cyco668

    cyco668 Member

    Oct 1, 2006
    I'd wait until after the 2008 elections. Changes in the Presidency and Congress changes all sorts of things in the military. I was in the Army between Bush (Sr) and Clinton. Then if I had to choose a service, it would be Air Force or Navy. My father (AF) and brother (Navy) have traveled the world. Many countries and many exotic locations. I only went to Germany and Virginia. I'd try to get a medical field job or a airplane mechanic. Infantry and tanks may be noble, but are not in much demand in the civilian world. I like my finger too much to go EOD. I wouldn't do airborne or SOF. I like my knees too much... even though they are a little worn out.
  5. Old Dog

    Old Dog Member

    Aug 11, 2004
    Back on Puget Sound
    I don't think you can go wrong no matter what branch you enter. In my 26 years of active duty Navy, I was privileged to serve many years with my Marine Corps brothers (and sisters), some of the best years of my career ... but my joint tours with AF and Army, and a few dets with the Coasties, were each splendid in so many different ways.

    Although I believe that being a Navy Chief is as good as it gets, I think the important thing is just to serve, period -- in any branch -- be it only one three or four year enlistment, or the full twenty or beyond ...
  6. RCouch

    RCouch Member

    Aug 22, 2006

    Joined in August, 1950, was in, I believe, the first integrated class(or close to it). Wouldn't take anything for the experience. Was Immature and grew up fast but was in the ADC in good outfits. Spent 2 years at Elmendorf in Anchorage and loved it, even a volcano erruption in the winter time.
  7. chaim

    chaim Member

    Dec 25, 2002
    Columbia, MD
    If I was 18 or 19 again, and in the shape I was in then, and didn't know what I know now I'd (obviously) do what I did- try to join the Coast Guard (after looking at all of them very thoroughly) only to find they had too long a waiting list and so I went and joined the Army Reserves (signed up for 29E/radio repair with a Special Forces Reserve unit which would have had me go Airborne), but then I had a bad ankle that kept me from finishing Basic (I couldn't pass the run due to my ankle). I wanted MP or MI, preferably with Airborne, but those jobs were full for the year and I didn't want to wait so I signed up for what I did (my ASVAB qualified me for everything the military has so the only limits were what was available when I signed).

    If I was 18 or 19 and knew what I know now- I'd get a physical therapist or at least a personal trainer to work on strengthening the muscles around my ankle and then go one of three routes:
    -Either Army or Marines Infantry, probably Airborne.
    -Go to college, get at least a couple years in at Norwich, VMI or the Citadel (at least 2 years, probably I'd wait for the degree), then sign up for Army Warrant Officer Training (get to fly helocopters, and Warrant Officers get more flight time and less administrative time v. Commissioned Officers).
    -Go to college at one of the military schools mentioned above, try for an ROTC scholarship, and go in the Army or Marines as an officer (infantry, MP, or flight school)

    If I was to go now there are other considerations. I have a lot of weight to lose, I'm 36, and I have an ankle that gave out at 19 so even with work the "high speed low drag" options aren't for me. I also have a degree in psychology now, experience in management (prior work), experience working with psychiatric patients, and experience in the classroom (previously as a substitute teacher, sometimes long-term positions, and today as a special education teacher). Also, with my prior discharge the Army Reserves are the only option (and then with a waiver) and my age (and discharge) rule out becoming an Officer. I'd probably go in the Army Reserves as a mental health specialist (probably still will if I lose the weight and if I think my ankle will take it) or as an MP.

    General thoughts-
    If you are considering joining (I take from your post you are) there are several things to consider. All the services are honorable- there is no one best, but there may be one that is best for your personality (talk to recruiters but above all try to talk to current members about real life in that service to find out which works best for you). As for jobs I see a few considerations. Go Combat Arms and it may be an experience that you love, but you have to love hard conditions. If you don't you may still look back on it positively but you may hate every minute of it until discharge. By the same token, if that life is what interests you then you may hate every minute of working behind a desk and computer if you don't go Infantry/Cav/Armor/Artillery/Combat Engineer. If you have money for college (or a degree already) and don't need career training, go in for whatever you want- being a leader is being a leader, if you eventually earn a leadership positions in Infantry those leadership skills will transfer. However, if your economic situation isn't as good you may need to think ahead- sign up for and use your college benes, do what college you can while still in, and you may want to find a job with transferable skills.

    Officer v. Enlisted? Do you think you will only go in for a few years, or are you thinking there is a chance of making this your career choice? If it is only a few years then definately go enlisted (they'll pay your college loans, if you haven't gone to school the GI Bill will pay for you to go). If you are thinking career either can be good. Go enlisted, get a feel for the enlisted life, then make up your mind about going on the NCO career path or becoming an officer (and then as an officer you'll probably be a much better officer than if you've never been enlisted). Still, an officer does have a better life so the temptation to go straight in as an officer if you can would be hard to resist.

    For either officer or enlisted, if you want a career I'd suggest the Army 1st, Navy 2nd, the others last. The larger the service the faster the promotions (generally). If it will be a few years, a few extra bucks might not be such a big deal, if you are going to spend some real time in then it might make a big difference by the time you've been in for a while. Seriously, look at the average years to E5, E6, O3 and O4 in each of the services and compare. Still, ignore this part of my advice if you really strongly want AF, CG or Marines- I have a friend who went enlisted in the Coast Guard, went on to the Academy, had them pay for grad school (twice) and is doing pretty darned well in the small Coast Guard. There are general averages, but not everyone fits the average, and besides- if you really want the life of one service, the life of the Army or Navy may not be for you. The average career progression is just something to consider if you are having trouble deciding between one service or another.
  8. sfhogman

    sfhogman Member

    May 15, 2004
    San Francisco Ca
    Air Force, then Navy. Go to college. Become a commissioned officer.
  9. scout26

    scout26 Member

    Jul 21, 2003
    Illinois - The Deadbeat State
    I'd do it the same way: Army enlisted - 31C Combat Signaller (or maybe a Combat Arms MOS, 19D or K. 11, 12 or 13Bang-bang) , made E-5 then college and ROTC. Except I'd get one of my top three branch choices (Cav, Armor or Infantry) and NOT what I got - Military Police. Then I would have done at least 20 years.

    Although the Navy Recruiter did offer me a ton a money to go to Nuc school after he saw my ASVAB scores.
  10. No_Brakes23

    No_Brakes23 Member

    Mar 19, 2005
    Everett, WA Recently escaped from San Diego, PRK
    Amen to that. I'd probably go Coastie or chAir Force. 8.13 years in the Corps didn't do a whole for my resume in terms of job training, (Though almost a decade in the Corps is in itself a resume booster.) Not too many Aviation Ordnance loaders in the civilian world.

    If I had to go enlisted in the Corps again, I would be a LAN admin, Armorer, Tanker or Airframer.
  11. SAG0282

    SAG0282 Member

    Sep 23, 2003
    Pierce Co. WA
    I would REsign up for the Marine Corps, but apparently I'm not medically fit. :mad: :barf: :cuss:
  12. MarkDido

    MarkDido Member

    Apr 5, 2003
    Back to the Canoe Club and back out to sea....where sailors are supposed to be! :evil:
  13. tegemu

    tegemu Member

    Nov 2, 2005
    Orange Park, Fla.
    After 45 years of Naval Aviation, retiring as a Senior Chief then as an Aerospace Engineering Technician, I absolutely recommend the NAVY. However, as I always counseled my young Sailors, if you get the opportunity, be an officer. I would always tell them, "Why travel Tourist Class when you can go First Class."
  14. Essex County

    Essex County Member

    Mar 9, 2005
    After two years of college I enlisted in the Air Force back in '66. Never had any regrets. Not Mickey Mouse at all. Enjoyable and rewarding job. If you were professional you were treated as such. Another plus...the G.I. bill enabled me to get a couple of degrees that served me well later in life....... Essex
  15. USMC - Retired

    USMC - Retired Member

    Sep 6, 2006
    Leesburg, Georgia
    I'd be back in the Corps for twenty more! Actually, I sorta am, still working with the Corps as a "Contractor".....
  16. tcdrennen

    tcdrennen Member

    Dec 25, 2002
    Tustin, Orange County, PDR of Kalifornistan
    I'd go back into the USN; with my eyesight fixed now, I'd go Special Ops (EOD/UDT SEAL) if they'd have me :scrutiny: :D or just return to ET rating.
  17. .45Guy

    .45Guy Member

    Sep 6, 2005
    No doubt about it, U.S.M.C. 1371(Combat Engineer.) Only this time I'll suck up to the monitor a little more so I can stay C.E.B. and neeeeeeeeeever go back to the wing or E.S.B.!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. sterling180

    sterling180 Member

    Mar 8, 2006
    Joydens Wood, United Kingdom
    Most people that Iv'e met,only see military personnell as a bunch of square-faced,muscle-bound killing machines and not people who have learned various trades ,that are similar,in comparison-to their own.When I joined up,I joined the administration section of the Royal Navy,which deals with sailors pay,benefits,bonuses (Golden Hello's)paperwork,etc,etc.

    You get alot of respect from the guys and girls,because you are a sailor like them and you are employed and entrusted,with their confidential details.Even senior officers are very respectful towards you,because they think that you can really do some serious damage,with their confidential information-if they don't.

    You get an opportunity to earn NVQs,diplomas and even college degrees with the Open University,ICS,OLCI,etc-all subsidised,via sponsorship schemes.

    The job is like working in a civillian office,with the exception that you do small-arms drills,pt drills,firefighting drills,etc,etc-as well.There are some excellent opportunuties in all three services to move up to the commissioned ranks.There are also excellent opportunities to see some beautiful places in the world and to meet some interesting and friendly people-as I have done.

    Choice wise,I would like to serve on attatchment,to the SBS and SAS,and see some unique action,with them,as well as retaining my trade and learning a new one with them.Fortunately I hope,that I will have the honour,to be able to serve with the Royal Marine 42nd Commando,unit soon,if I am accepted,onto their selection course.
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2006
  19. stevelyn

    stevelyn Member

    Mar 9, 2003
    Fairbanksan in Aleutian Hell
    If I were to do it over again, I wouldn't have gotten married. I would have gotten my degree and applied to OCS or gone on to college with an ROTC program for my degree after a stint as enlisted. I would still have gone into the MP branch.
  20. DocMustang

    DocMustang Member

    Sep 21, 2006
    Have done it over again...been to basic 3 times.
    the first time I joined the navy right out of high school. Volunteered for submarine service. Dont ask why not really sure but probably a combination of Tom Clancy and Star Trek. Spent 2 years in school and Road the boats for 4 years total on the east and west coasts. I had 2 tours split by a time in school. Did my time under the pond and Got out.

    I always said that if I were to do it again I would go into the medical field and be an officer. So I set my sights on becoming a doctor. Off to college I went enlisting in the Army guard to help pay for it. Off to AIT I went as a freshly minted SGT. I changed my MOS to medic (91W) and received lots of good training including EMT basic. Later I would challenge the EMT boards and upgrade to intermediate. Finished college and was admitted to a famous midwestern medical school.

    At this point I was tired of the Army all services have their own orginizational jackassery but at least I understood the Navy's "Master plan designed by genuises for execution by idiots..." So back to the navy I went this time as an officer. So I went to basic training ...again... I had to pass in review...again. This time however as a former NCO I did a lot more teaching and training of the young gentleman than learning.

    So here I sit at the VA hospital working my way through medical school awaiting my return to active duty. In the meantime I think I will grow my hair long and quit shaving. At least until I have to put on a uniform again.

    To the troops who read this know you have a mustang Doc on his way out to you. It pains me to know that I am here while you all are out there in the big sandbox. I don't want to go but I cannot in good concience stay away. Stay safe.. keep your heads down and listen to your NCO's

    Doc Mustang
  21. phonesysphonesys

    phonesysphonesys Member

    Feb 13, 2006
    I would go back into the Marines.

    Semper Fi
  22. Vern Humphrey

    Vern Humphrey Member

    Dec 30, 2002
    Deep in the Ozarks
    I'd be an infantryman again, through OCS (although in my day, OCS candidates came from the ranks -- no college needed.) And when I got some time in grade as a first lieutenant, I'd be kicking and screaming for a company command in combat. And I'd stay in theater until the war was over.
  23. Dr. Dickie

    Dr. Dickie Member

    Apr 19, 2006
    Jacksonville Beach, FL
    Since I tried to join the Marines last year, I gotta go with them.
  24. RustyShackelford

    RustyShackelford member

    Apr 27, 2006
    USAF/Air National Guard/USAF reserves

    I'd check into the USAF(US Air Force) or your state's Air National Guard. The USAF is well run and offers the best quality of life(pay/benefits/living-work conditions/etc). I served 04 yrs on active duty in the US Army(1989-1993). I like the Army and I think it's the most important branch of the US Armed Forces but it is not well run or managed.

    It's hard to enlist in the USAF/reserves now so you may not make it. You must be smart, in good shape, have a clean background and meet several other standards. The US Army has lowered it's requirements and I'm sure that will cause more problems in the future. :uhoh:

    I work with several US military recruiters in a DoD contract job and most of the recruits/applicants said the US Coast Guard and USAF were the hardest to get into. The US Navy Nuclear program has huge bonuses($$$!) but the entry requirements are very strict. I was not impressed with the US Army recruiters or the quality of the US Army applicants.

    Go to www.firstgov.gov www.military.com for more details.

    All the best;

  25. tikka_fan

    tikka_fan Member

    Apr 24, 2006
    Sandpoint, ID
    After two grueling year long tours in Iraq with the Army(3ACR) I wholeheartedly say go Air Force. Don't believe the BS about glory in battle. There is none. You can learn this the hard way or from the experience of others. I knew 8 people in my troop that should have returned from combat but didn't and 2 that are missing body parts. One was about to retire from the army after 20 years.

    The Army goes to Iraq for a year at a time. Year on year off. Many divorces because of this. In 4 years I spent 2 in Iraq, this is the standard. You will serve one more year than you sign up for. It's guaranteed in the stop loss. If you have a short time left on your contract the Army will send you to deploying unit that is shorthanded.

    Air Force goes for 3 months at a time, with more than a year between deployments. I met one Airman who was surprised we worked on weekends, this was in Iraq mind you.

    Army gets blown up and shot at. Air Force hangs out and plays Xbox.

    From personal experience in the "War on Terror" I'd rank them like this:

    1. Air Force
    2. Coast Guard
    3. Navy
    4*. Army
    4*. Marines

    The only reason the USMC is ranked last is they get killed more than the army per capita. They do get shorter but more frequent deployments.

    Whatever you do, do not join combat arms. Unless you enjoy misery.
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