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Minnesota And AR 15 Question

Discussion in 'Legal' started by WinThePennant, Dec 9, 2012.

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  1. WinThePennant

    WinThePennant Member

    Jul 8, 2011
    My nephew is turning 18 next year.

    I'd like to buy an AR 15 as a birthday gift. I live in NC, and he lives in MN.

    Anyone know how this can be done legally? I know that MN has some laws regarding an under 21 adult buying an "assault type weapon" (I use that phrase since that is the term used by the state of MN).

    Is it possible to gift an AR 15 to an 18-year-old in MN by an out-of-stater?
  2. Midwest

    Midwest Member

    Sep 13, 2011
    Send him a gift certificate for the amount of the AR15 at Dicks sporting goods or any other local gun store in store in his area. This way, he has the money and he will be the one to go through the background check and sign the 4473.

    You can buy the AR 15, then ship it to his local FFL and then he will go through the background check.

    The only thing with the second scenario are shipping and FFL costs and to make sure his local FFL will accept the firearm. I think a gift certificate is less hassle.

    You have to check Minnesota and local laws for restrictions (if any) on AR 15's and magazine restrictions (if any) or age requirements (if any). Calling an local FFL in Minnesota for this information might be a good option. Or maybe someone from MN can shed light on AR 15 legalities there.
  3. Frank Ettin

    Frank Ettin Moderator

    Apr 29, 2006
    California - San Francisco Bay Area
    However, you'd like to do it, there is no way to avoid the nephew having to go through an FFL since you and he are residents of different States. And any transfer by or through an FFL will have to comply with, among other things, Minnesota law. So if there is any prohibition on Minnesota law to a dealer transferring an AR15 or similar type rifle to someone under 21, I'm afraid you and he are out of luck.
  4. jerinco

    jerinco Member

    Dec 4, 2012
    in the mountains of co
    i just moved from MN and the laws on ARs are pretty strict. you have to be 21yrs old, MUST have a permit to purchase, this is for pistols and ARs. all it really is is a back ground check that goes through the sheriffs office and about one month later you get a card saying your legal to own such weapon. but even with the card you still have to go through a back ground check when puchasing a firearm. But on a side note if a non res where to buy an AR they dont need this permit. i found this out when i bought my first AR. a guy from ND had bought an AR right before me and had no issues. i went to pay for mine, gave them my dl license and i got denied when they asked me for my PTP. i was rather unhappy that a non res could buy the same gun as me with out the PTP that i was required to have. hope this helps out some what.
  5. BemidjiDweller

    BemidjiDweller Member

    Jan 22, 2012
    Northern Minnesota
    A Permit To Purchase (PTP) takes 1 week, any longer and the sheriff is breaking state law. You can get one for "assault rifles" only if you are 18-20. It is not a permit to own, just a permit to purchase a handgun or "assault rifle" from a FFL.

    Edit: There are no magazine restrictions. The laws for ARs in MN are not that strict. Just need a PTP or PTC to buy one from a FFL, other than that it is a regular rifle in the eyes of the law.
  6. westhope

    westhope Member

    Mar 12, 2007
    Southern Minnesota
    Basically what "BemidgiDweller" said.

    Send him the money and have him purchase the AR as stated above.

    As mentioned, he will need a "Permit To Purchase". He needs to be 21 to purchase a handgun but he can be 18 to purchase an AR. He applies to the police chief or Sheriff of his residence. I have heard of some departments refusing to issue "Permits To Purchase" to anyone under 21 but they are wrong. I know several departments that have issued "Permits To Purchase" to 18 to 21 year olds with the note "for rifles only". If he has problems talk to the Chief or Sheriff and then his County Attorney.

    "Permits To Purchase" must be issued in 7 days (not business days). I know several departments that routinely take much longer. There is no recourse under state law if the departments do take longer. Although the "Permit To Purchase" is considered issued if it does take more than 7 days no dealer will sell you on until you have the permit.

    When he fills out the application, be sure he fills out the complete application including the receipt page. He should be given the DATED AND SIGNED receipt page. Many departments "forget" to have the applicant fill this page out.

    No magazine restrictions. Tell him to enjoy.
  7. Madcap_Magician

    Madcap_Magician Member

    Apr 8, 2009
    It is a pain to get an AR-15 if you are under 21 in MN. The paperwork to get a permit to purchase (which is required for any 'assault weapons' in MN sans a carry permit) is identical to that used for a carry permit... which means it has pistol all over it. My first application for a purchase permit for an AR-15 at age 20 was denied because of this. By the time I actually got the rifle, the city police chief and I were on a first-name basis.
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