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****Minnesota Personal Protection Act UPDATE*****ACTION NEEDED****

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Diesle, Jan 18, 2003.

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  1. Diesle

    Diesle Member

    Dec 26, 2002
    MN, USA
    This message from MN CCRN . Please take action!


    CCRN Update

    Re-post far and wide

    Bill preparation

    House Speaker Sviggum requested CCRN meet with Law Enforcement one last in an attempt to address whatever concerns we can. Over the past year we have worked with representatives of the County Sheriff's association with considerable success. We believe the bill has improved. The Chief of Police association has been another matter. They have not been as interested in seeking middle ground. We again are dealing with Rep. Rich Stanek. I have said over the years that Rep. Stanek has helped make the bill better and has voted for the bill. I support him in these. He has a reputation of being a challenge to work with and makes us work very hard. In the end he comes around, but it has always been more painful than need be.

    The Speaker has always been supportive as is on record at many many public venues that 'shall issue will pass". His requests are important.

    Our opposition

    The (on a good day) fifty moms have been busy. The have hired a professional lobbyist (Robert Vanasek) who is leading the Mom's leadership (2 moms) daily around the capital meeting with representatives and senators to try and swing their votes. At best they are suggesting hundreds of unnecessary amendments and at worst they will turn some votes. As you know, our side must rely on volunteers who cannot afford to spend full time at the capital. SOOOOOO-

    We need you to get busy

    It is time to start writing, calling and e-mailing legislators. Here are the links to the most current guides published of legislators. It provides all their contact information.

    Senators - http://www.senate.leg.state.mn.us/members/alphalist.shtml

    Representatives - http://ww3.house.leg.state.mn.us/members/housemembers.asp

    Some members will require you use the e-mail form on the Legislature web site. Give their direct address a try. If you get an auto reply it will tell how to contact them.

    We think it will be particularly effective if you talk with them while they are, as they say, "in district". The moms cannot cover the state and we can. Hearing from constituents while they are home will bring the issue ever closer to the voter. So try to attend their town meetings. If you run into them on the street, in the store, at a restaurant or at church let them know you want the Minnesota Personal Protection Act to pass.

    Speaker Sviggum

    The Speaker was on with "The Mayor" (Garage Logic) and again confirmed that the Minnesota Personal Protection Act will pass.

    Our position is as follows.

    We are at the 2-minute warning before the end of the Super Bowl. We have a 14-point lead and we have the ball. We must remain vigilant, work hard and not make any mistakes. The opposition is pulling out all the stops. We have a deeper bench. They have all the money (and are the media favorite). If we work our game plan hard we win. If we get complacent or fumble the ball we will make it that much closer as game. You all know what we are asking of you. Go do it.

    Best Regards
    Tim Grant
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