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Mitt Romney's On Fox TV Now

Discussion in 'Legal' started by madcowburger, Aug 4, 2004.

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  1. madcowburger

    madcowburger member

    May 15, 2004
    Where the buses don't run
    The governor of Massachusetts.

    He just said American National Guardsmen carry *AK-47s* at airports to deter terrorists. He literally does not know the difference between an AK-47 and an American M-16A2.

    "AK-47" is obviously just a generic term for any military or military-style rifle to him. He and everyone he knows personally is probably proud of the fact that they can't tell a riflre from a shotgun. (Such knowledge would be beneath them.)

    Then the silver haired interviewer segued from that into grilling Romney about the AWB. It was clear from the interviewer's tone that he favored renewal/extension of the AWB, and was trying to blame the Republicans for its expiration, trying to make it an albatross to hang around their necks.

    He asked Romney: "Aren't you afraid that if the ban is allowed to expire then terrorists will be able to just walk down to the gun store and buy AK-47s?" (The only kinds of guns any of these people can name are the Ak-47 and the Uzi, and they can't tell those apart either.)

    Romney, of course, recently signed into law a *permanent* "assault weapon" ban for the state of Massachusetts, and he said so. He went on to say that he believed in the right to bear arms, but not to bear assault weapons. And the interviewer kept on about "Aren't you afraid of assault weapons comng in from other states, if they aren't abolished nationwide?"

    Oh, now he's asking Rep. Harold Ford (D-Tenn) about the AWB, and Ford (an ultra-Left-winger) is saying he plans to meet with law enforcement groups soon to organize support for a renewed/extended AWB, and all about how "This ban has worked, it has made us safer, and has made law enforcement officers safer," etc. He said all the law enforcement organizatiions he knows of favor renewal/extension of the AWB, and that "it has never kept anyone from defending their homes," blah, blah. What a lying sack of ****.

    Now Hannity's talking, and pointedly *not* saying anything about the RKBA or the AWB, which I assume he doesn't want to touch with an eleven-foot insulated pole.

    And this is the kind of stuff that's on supposedly "conservative" *Fox news.:barf:

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