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mossberg 535

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by floritucky, Oct 9, 2012.

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  1. floritucky

    floritucky Member

    Sep 23, 2012
    I had a mossberg 500 made in'88 that i shot quite a bit. 100% reliable. Used it for skeet. Very accurate. Shot from bird shot to buckshot to slugs. Always wanted ro take it turkey hunting. But sometging always came up.

    Now im looking to replace it and was looking at a 535. I paid $100 for the 500 about $2-3 years ago. That is an impossible to find price now. Wish i would have been able to keep it. The 535 is around $250 with 28" barrel. It wont be used much for hunting. But hopefully some. Mainly skeet and still targets. Dobt want a gun just for hunting until i get into it more. Get a few seasons under my belt.

    Question is. How are these guns? Not looking for a 835. Basically looking for a 500 that can shoot a 3 1/2 on the rare occasion i need it to. But i was told mossberg has been crap lately. Is this true?

    $250 ispretty much my limit here. Im replacing all the guns i had to get rid of over rhe summer. So im not looking for pricer alternatives or "spend the money now and save hassle later". But if these guns are crap. Ill just get nothing now and save the hassle later. Lol. . I can replace the rest of my stock theb worry about the shotgun later. Or just get a 500 if there not crap too.

    I did find a few threads on it. But they mostly was comparing them to the 835 and were a couple years old at the least.
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