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Mossberg 702 plinkster reassembly?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Glock19Fan, Sep 29, 2007.

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  1. Glock19Fan

    Glock19Fan Member

    Nov 13, 2004

    I was disassembling my Mossberg 702 (which I have never cleaned before), and as I pulled the trigger group out, the recoil spring pushed everything out of order. Anyway, I have no idea how to get the plastic buffer back in. I think I can see where the back of the firing pin hits it, but any way I try to put it in it doesnt seem to fit. Especially when I try to put the trigger group back in.

    I am not sure how familiar THR members are with this rifle, but it is worth a try.

    Thanks for any help!
  2. stevetford

    stevetford Member

    May 18, 2007
    Wickliffe Kentucky
    Well, I bought my wife the same model about 6 months ago. Got it home cleaned it of all the factory assembly lube and ran into the same problem. But after I figured it out it turns out to be very simple. The bad thing is I forgot what the trick was. I can go home tonoght and tear hers back down and let you know what the trick is. I am sure the thing needs cleaned again anyways.
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