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Moving! And a question.

Discussion in 'Legal' started by Zero_DgZ, Apr 3, 2006.

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  1. Zero_DgZ

    Zero_DgZ Member

    Feb 3, 2006
    Well, that ties it.

    After the veritable ton of bricks that's been dropped on my head, one at a time, while I've lived in Delaware, I've finally had it. Between having my guns taken away by the police for nothing, getting throwin in the loony bin, and the other week getting harassed for having the audacity to have in my possession a walking stick, Ruth Ann Minner's Coporate Oligarchy of Delaware is really grating on my nerves. I've lost just about everything one way or another, and just finished breaking up with my girlfriend of 1.5 years (and a little change), so now I'm just about homeless but have an opportunity to start over.

    Stuff this for a game of tin soldiers. I'm moving.

    I found a nice little place in PA. Not far from where I work (which will also cut my one hour each way commute to about five minutes). It's wooded, it's pretty secluded, and the property borders on a creek - Very picturesque. The house needs a lot of work, but I can handle that. And the price is right.

    Tomorrow I'm taking another stab at getting my guns back from the New Castle County Police. Wish me luck on that front.

    On to my question, which perhaps some PA residents can answer: When restarting my collection in my potential new home state, what kinds of paperwork do I need and specifically, what new paperwork will I need to get ahold of before I can do the NCIS thing?

    My driver's license is still from DE, and it doesn't expire for a good long time. The address on it will be wrong. Can I give them my real PA address and just ignore the DE one on the license? Will I have to bring some proof of residence? Or will I just have to apply for a PA license?
  2. jcs271

    jcs271 Member

    Dec 27, 2004
    The answer to your question is yes, absolutely yes!

    P.S. Check out the new Super Walmart, they have tin foil on sale this week. Only .79 a roll!
  3. The Drew

    The Drew Member

    May 9, 2005
    Central Pennsylvania
    Just apply for a PA license, if you go to the right place, you should be in and out in less than half an hour, DO NOT do the mail in thing, that takes forever. Take some time to go to a license center and get everything taken care of.

    As far as bringing the guns in if you get them back, there is nothing you need to do. As for building a new collection, a proper PA license with the correct address will go far to avoid hassles when purchasing...
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