moving to CA with a handgun

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Apr 29, 2017
I'm moving to CA with a handgun and doing some research realized it will take up to 60 days to get my CA license. When moving to CA you have 60 days to register your handgun. When does the clock start ticking? The form I downloaded to legally register my gun asks for my CA DL number which I don't have until I get my license. Is this a Catch-22? Do I need to go to the DMV the day I get to Cali or forfeit my gun? Any help is appreciated.
Thanks for looking.
Wow, that is a Catch-22. I would pose this question to CA DOJ in a manner that would elicit a written response.
When I moved to Texas, I went on a house-hunting trip before I moved. The same day I leased an apartment, I went to the DMV to apply for a driver's license. It was waiting for me when I arrived at my new apartment. Could you do something similar?
Clock starts ticking the date you bring the guns into CA.

A few years ago, getting a DL was an adventure, as the DMV was changing systems. Pretty fast these days, so meeting the 60 day limit should not be difficult.

I have yet to hear of any soul so unfortunate to move here this decade who has had any problem with filing those New Resident forms.

Remember, no magazines > 10-round capacity.
When someone brings in a handgun when they move in, does it have to be on that list they have, or does that only apply to new ones sent to dealers?
The Roster does not apply to guns moved into the state - that's a restriction on what CA FFLs may transfer to non-Roster-exempt people.
When I moved there, FLLs could still do a face to face transfer of imported guns to a non exempt person. I know alot has changed since then like needing to declare imported long guns in addition to handguns.
Oh. And it took me almost as long to get through all the lines in the DMV as it did to get the driver's license. It took about 6 hours at the DMV, but the license showed up in a few days.
If you're moving to California as a new resident, the process is relatively painless. You have 60 days to register per the statute, but the statute also prohibits any penalty if late reporting is discovered only by the making a late report. Handguns do not have to be on the "Safe Roster", but they do need to be in a California legal configuration. The biggest problems are no threaded barrels on semi-autos, and no weapons similar to the Taurus Judge (a Short Barrel Shotgun under California law). Importation of large-capacity feeding devices (over 10 rounds) is a felony. You report via a mailed-in form and pay $19.00 for your entire arsenal.

The process gets kinda nasty for a returning resident. In that case, handguns do need to be on the roster. It's illegal to transport the weapons into the state yourself. You have to ship them to a California FFL who then releases them to you in the state.
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