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Multi Use/Newbie Suppressor Help

Discussion in 'NFA Firearms and Accessories' started by Killermonkey21, Jul 7, 2011.

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  1. Killermonkey21

    Killermonkey21 Member

    Mar 26, 2008
    Fort Richardson, AK
    Hello All,

    In personal news I just moved to Alaska and am enjoying the relative firearms freedom here. I even went down to the local Anchorage SOT dealer and drooled at his MP-5's and such...and then I remembered...I like suppressors, and they're legal where I live now. Woot!

    So, I just ordered a copy of Quicken Willmaker to get the trust route worked out, but I need help picking the suppressor.

    Some guidelines:
    1. I am active Army, but I am no "operator", so quality is more of a concern than "OMGWTFBBQ Combat!!!!!!" reliability

    2. The main use will be with my AK-74 (standard threads on the muzzle for slant brake)

    3. I may be purchasing a 5.56 or .223 caliber rifle in the future.

    4. I will most likely be threading a beat up .22 bolt action for varmint work.

    I want a suppressor that will give me the least amount of trouble in regards to threads. Doesn't Gemtech make a suppressor that has interchangeable threading?

    How much db reduction do I lose by using say a 5.56 suppressor on a 5.45x39mm AK? .22 LR?

    I am very new to the suppressor arena, and I truly appreciate any and all advice. I am kind of on a budget (would like to stay below $1k after tax stamp and purchase, if possible) but would prefer to cry once and all that.

    Thanks, High Roaders, and take care.

    -SSG John V.
  2. MasterSergeantA

    MasterSergeantA Member

    Nov 21, 2008
    Arizona Territory
    I do believe that Gemtech makes a can that has multiple mounting options for different thread patterns, but I haven't been on their website for a while. One thing you might want to consider is that some manufacturers specifically warn against using their centerfire cans with .22LR lead ammunition because of the sublimation of the lead as it passess through the can; it can build up deposits that might cause catastrophic failure and normally voids the warranty if you do shoot the .22.
  3. Blaster26

    Blaster26 Member

    Aug 6, 2009
    Kaplan Louisiana
    I would highly recommended getting a dedicated 22lr suppressors they are fairly cheap even with the tax stamp for the reasons mentioned above. After a few hundred rounds I can not even open my suppressor to clean it.

    Also I now wish I would have just bought a 7.62 suppressor and threaded all my guns to one thread pattern. Also stay away from QD mounts if you can. There really is no quick detach the suppressor is always too hot. Congrats on the move and thanks for your service.
  4. anthony-white

    anthony-white Member

    Aug 6, 2005

    Take a look at the YHM phantom line of suppressors. Great quality at even better prices. Quick disconnect flash hiders that are made in numerous different thread patterns. I have the qd hiders on my ak74, ar's, and bolt rifles.
  5. MrM4

    MrM4 Member

    Feb 15, 2009
    If you going to run .22 and 223/ 5.56 you migth look at Thompson Machines new SIXTEEN can.
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