My Burris droptine scope came. Pleasetly surprised with it.

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    I had to decide which rifle o mount my new droptine 4.5-14x42 on had a choice of m11 savage 223 rem that now wears a Bushnell banner 6-28×50 or my AR 15 5.5.56 with a Bushnell banner 3-9×40. If I changed the m11 savage I'd have to change 3 scopes, the 6 to 18 goes to a m60 Marlin 22lr for its Simmons whitetail classic 3-9×40 to my 1893 mauser 7x57. Or the AR 15 Bushnell to the 7x57 mauser so I could return my 50 csl inline optic to yhe 50 cal. Complex perhaps, but nessasary.

    Decided to change out the AR optic cause it's known good plus it was fewer rifles to rezero. Anyway I still couldn't zero the mauser, there is an issue not optic related causing fliers of several feet so needs more thorough investigation. The AR was near perfect right after mounting, put 5 rounds downrange at 25 yds, couldn't see the holes at first because they were in the airport centered half an in low. Fired a group at 100 and adjusted high fir a 200 yd zero. Checked it on a steel plate at 200 then 300 meters and was dead on.

    Later I did a side by side between my ff2 and droptine couldn't see a difference. I'm impressed with these burris optics to say the least.
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