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My Encore Saga.

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Hawken50, Jul 2, 2006.

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  1. Hawken50

    Hawken50 Member

    Apr 9, 2005
    Western NY
    ok, let me start off my saying i love my Encore. if the Garand is the greatest battle impliment ever devised, i believe the Encore is the greatest sporting impliment ever devised (and yes i have both.) i am currently in the process of trading in most of my other rifles for encore barrels.

    sooo, about 3 months ago wanted to order a factory 25/06 heavy barrel from my gun shop. heavy barrells are 26", standard barrells 24". i mistakenly told my gun shop i wanted the 24" barrel. when it arrived a couple days later, i realized my mistake, paid a $24 restocking fee (for the wholesaler, not my gunshop) and had my shop order the correct one. my mistake so i didn't mind paying it.

    2 weeks ago i was shooting trap with my encore w/ the vent rib 12ga barrel. at some point i "lost" the vent rib screw at the chamber end of the barrel. no biggy, called TC and told them i needed a new one. "there's no charge for that part" was the reply. awesome. 4 days later i get the screw. super cool, i'll be able to shoot with it this week. went to install said screw and discovered the screw was not lost, but broken off. nuts. but hey, things break, i'm an engineer, i understand this. call TC back "all you have to do is get it to us, and we'll take care of the rest." excellent. must not be bothering me that bad, cause i still haven't sent it back. (good thing too, read on.)

    fast forward to last friday. go to the gun shop for no particular reason. inquire about the 25/06 barrel. no dice. after 3 months. i notice he's still got the standard taper barrel on the shelf and ask him about it. the wholesaler dosen't want it back untill we get the heavy barrel. well, i have the money for the heavy barrel burning a hole in my pocket, and i realise if i don't spent it right this instant, i'll end up doing something stupid with i like buying paint for the house. so i bite the bullet and buy the standard taper barrel, cancel the order for the heavy barrel, and order a 45/70 barrel (spur of the moment thing.) he gave me a $24 credit as a refund of the restocking fee, and i didn't even have a reciept, woohoo. i have him slap a a 4-12 power scope on, bore sight it, and i'm on my merry way. i run home at close to light speed, grab my Encore reciever and a couple boxes of ammo and am off to the range in a flash. fast forward the 32 seconds it takes me to get to the range, (it was getting dark and i think i broke a land speed record on the way.) i get to the range and put up targets like a mongoose on speed. i estimate i've got about 4 minutes of useable light left. i sit down at the bench. take 2 deep breaths and remove the barrels that's currently on the encore. 2m30s fo light left. put the new 25/06 barrel on. 1m45s. forend in place. 1m32s. forend screws. 1m29s. what the f-, screws wont go in. 1m17s. what the hell, are they stripped? 54s. inspect the screws, they're fine. 31s. try again. 24s. still not going. in the last of the fading light i examine the screw holes in the barrel. 7s. OHHH NOOOOEEESSSSSS. 2s. the holes are blank. no threads. never got tapped at the factory. as darkness falls my screams of "why meeee?" echo across the land. (ok, so i took a bit of poetic license with that part of the tale.)

    oh well. i'll call TC on monday and if my past experiances are any indicator, i might be able to get them to pay for shipping of both barrels back to them.

    edit to add: awww, crap. monday and tuesday are holidays. and it goes on and on.
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2006
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