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My Favourite Quotes of Activism..

Discussion in 'Activism' started by shaunx, Dec 10, 2007.

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  1. shaunx

    shaunx Member

    Dec 3, 2007
    "In a crazy world, who can say who is more crazy than anybody else"

    - R.D. Laing, anti-war socialist, social critic and psychologist...

    "The struggle of people against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting"

    - Czech dissident novelist Milan Kundera, still popular amongst the far left even today...

    "First they ignore you. Then they fight you. Then you win."

    - Ghandi on civil disobedience movement for Indian independence.

    "The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed."

    - Steve Biko, social democrat, murdered by South African police state in 1977.

    "You are either alive and proud or you are dead, and when you are dead, you can't care anyway."

    - Steve Biko again, asked by a journalist if he cared about being murdered (nb - Biko also said something like worrying about death is not rational, and because opposing racism is rational, he did not worry about it!)

    I hope you find some of those inspirational - I apologise if you've heard them before Very Happy
  2. AZ Husker

    AZ Husker Member

    Mar 29, 2003
    Re-read the rules, and I'll delete my comments.
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