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My first successful home gunsmithing project

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing and Repairs' started by Loach, Feb 9, 2003.

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  1. Loach

    Loach Member

    Dec 26, 2002
    Columbia, SC

    I just completed my first successful home gunsmithing project. I received a sporterized 1891 New England Westinghouse Mosin-Nagant for Christmas from my father-in-law (he picked it up at a yard sale 30 odd years ago). Everything worked when he got it and he had it test fired, but he never fired it himself. Sometime while in storage, though, the trigger ceased functioning.

    I'd never really done any work on my guns other than regular field-stripping/cleaning. So I took it to a local gunsmith to inspect and repair. He said the trigger spring was busted and he'd have to look and see if he could find a new one at an upcoming gunshow. I called back twice after the show to see if he had found the parts, but he never returned my calls.

    A bit frustrated at this point, I figured it's about time I learn to do some simple repairs myself, so I searched the TFL archives and found a few other sites dedicated to the M-N and learned what I needed to know. I ordered an entire trigger group of spare-parts from Tennesee Gun Parts and the parts arrived yesterday. Today I completely disassembled the gun (bolt and all) and thoroughly cleaned it, then reassembled it with the new trigger spring and it works great! The action is much smoother from the cleaning and the trigger works. Man that's a heavy trigger pull, though.... I had heard the M-N's had a pretty heavy, pull, but that's got to be 8+ pounds!

    Anyhow, thanks to all who contributed to the TFL threads I read in preparation for this project! Now to the range!

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