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My Great Day...... Glocks Involved

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by stevelyn, Mar 30, 2005.

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  1. stevelyn

    stevelyn Member

    Mar 9, 2003
    Fairbanksan in Aleutian Hell
    I've been out of THR loopfor a few days as I'm currently doing a two week cycle as a TAC Officer at the DPS Academy.
    Well anyways this past Sunday (Easter) the all primary firearms instructors and assistants decided we would head out to the range to get in a little shooting.
    Once we set up, we started with shooting a cold qualification. Once everybody finished the qual course, the primary instructor ran us therough a shooting course that more or less had maximum times that were cut in half of normal qual times for a COF (ie a 5 sec time was now 2.5 sec) and ranges extended out to 50yrds.
    When we first started shooting against the timer most of us were getting the first shot off on time and some of the second shots were late. By the end of the drill we were doing much better. Most of the shots were within time limits, but some of our groups looked like buckshot patterns. Anyway we still had fun and learned from it.
    However, this is the great part. Most Alaska police agencies issue the Glock pistol as a sidearm in one flavor or another. It's rare to see anyone carrying anything else. Glock bashers insist they're inaccurate. I beg to differ. At end of our range session we engaged two steel targets set up on the berm. One is a standard sized pepper popper at the bottom of the berm and lazed @ 100 yrds. The other is a smaller steel silouette about half way up the berm at a lazed distance of 107 yrds.
    Now I've never attempted to shoot a handgun at anything over 35 yrds and that was 20 years ago in the military. Our qual course goes from 2yrds to 25yds so the idea of shooting anything at longer ranges in my mind requires a shotgun or rifle (or better yet an air strike).
    The primary instructor has shot both of these targets many times in the past and on the last day of firearms quals the recruits get to each fire one shot at them for a prize.
    So here we are. The challenge has been issued. I take careful aim on the 100 yrd popper from a standing modified Weaver stance.........BANG!.....TING!........Holy $^!* I hit it. Again.......BANG!......TING! SOB! :D I fired 10 shots and had 7 hits. Of course I could see with the dust kicked up from the impact, the misses were close and I assure you they were my fault.
    I didn't try the 107 yrd target. Those who did were hitting about 60% or better.
    I realize there are folks out there who do this regularly and this isn't much of a feat for them. Elmer Keith took 400 yrd shots with handguns and there are others as well. But for me as a first timer shooting at long range without a rest or brace, I think I did real good. :D

    So Glock bashers I submit to you

    :neener: :evil:
  2. mete

    mete Member

    Dec 31, 2002
    You should try Handgun metallic silhouette matches - knock down a target at 200 yds ! But that has to be done with a magnum .When you do lots of long range shooting , short range becomes easy !
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