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My S&W .45 Colt 25-13 MTG

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by Warren, Dec 16, 2006.

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  1. Warren

    Warren Member

    Apr 5, 2004
    Northern California
    Some observations...

    It has been a few weeks and about four hundred rounds through this gun.

    This is my first revolver in a major caliber and I underestimated the difference in how it handles as opposed to my semi-autos.

    It took the first 100 rounds or so just to understand what the trigger was doing.

    I was shooting patterns instead of groups but yesterday I was able, shooting DA only, to put 50 out of 54 in the X.

    The trigger reach is a bit too long though. And the stock grips do not feel good to me at all. I'm thinking of having Herrett's do up a set of Roper's for me. Hopefully those will be slim enough.

    I tried jamming my hand up as high as I could on this gun but found that a lower grip felt better and reduced the amount of recoil I felt. So instead of right under the little hump where the backstrap begins I moved my grip down an inch and that created a suprising amount of difference.

    I've tried three makes of ammo so far: Win STs, Blazer 200 grain HP and Mag-Tech 250 LRN "cowboy action". All have been accurate. Of course the cowboy loads were the mildest but would still put a hurtin' on something if needed.

    The Blazers are aluminium cased and even with a good slap on the ejector rod one or two will stay stuck. The brass stuff would mostly fall right out and a good hit on the rod would take care of any leftovers. So I am leaning against using the Blazer's as defense rounds. In the unlikely event I need to reload my gun I do not want to have to deal with stuck cases. A few of which required a bit of a yank to come free.

    I am on the waiting list for Grant Cunningham's suite of sweet mods (DA only, bobbed hammer, Action job etc.) Though I figure if I learn to shoot it now, as is, out of the box, there cannot possibly be a downside even though it will come back a lot different than what it feels like now.

    Speaking of which, when the gun gets hot the trigger seems to lighten up but only randomly. I know this sounds weird. Maybe if I explain it thus: Imagine that normally when I squeeze the trigger it takes 10 "E"s to complete the pull.

    When cold it is SquEEEEEEEEEEze BANG but after a 100 or so rounds and only with some shots it is SquEEEze BANG. I lose 70% of my "E"s. I do not know what this is or what to call it. Anyone have any ideas?

    The sights are unlike anything I've used before. The rear looks to be fully adjustable and the front ramp is very tall. Both are all black so picking them up quickly is difficult. I read that some like to dab some paint on the front sight. Is there a particular type that would do the job and hold up well?

    The ramp is long enough I could paint three maybe four lines on it for different ranges. Would this work? The further away the target the lower the line I line up with the rear sight?

    Overall I am veddy happy with this gun. Very well made, beautiful and accurate. I have not gotten used to only six shots though.

    Thank you,

  2. SnWnMe

    SnWnMe Member

    Jul 13, 2003
    Inland Empire
    The 25 MG is one sweet wheelie. I think the reduction in Es is due to your hand developing the technique needed.

    I zeroed mine for 50 yards with 255 grainers loaded to approximate the old service rounds and it works with a dead on hold at all ranges inside that.

    I think nail polish will work to color your front sight.

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