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My XS Site Review

Discussion in 'Shooting Gear and Storage' started by BHay, Jan 13, 2013.

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  1. BHay

    BHay Member

    Dec 19, 2009
    I shopped around and read a lot of night site reviews before purchasing XS big dot night sites. I purchased them about 8 months ago from Cheaper Than Dirt (of course I will never make another purchase from CTD given their lack of support in the current firearms political crisis- but I digress).

    I wanted the front and back sites to be different colors, I think it might be helpful in a situation requiring a 'flash site' picture but I conceded this point to get a bigger front dot. XS only offers green. Both front and back are labeled Trijicon. The sites came with a kit allowing home installation. My only issue was the locking compound in the kit was red. Given with some brands red indicates permanent I called XS and confirmed it is a temporary locking compound.

    Pros: The sites were exactly as expected. The front dot is large and easy to see even for someone usually requiring reading glasses. The sites seem to be of high quality construction and although I haven't tried it the rear site seems more than stout enough to allow racking the slide by hooking it onto another object.

    I've recently come to the age where I require reading glasses. The stock Glock front site was very difficult to see in low light without glasses, the big dot front site is much easier to see.

    Cons: They are not accurate for me. I understand they're not intended to be target sites but not being able to shoot the gun especially well on longer shots bothers me more than I expected. I don't expect a long shot in a self defense situation but if that need should arise I don't feel prepared. By long shot I mean more than about 7 yards.

    The illuminated post on the rear site is small and difficult to see in low light. The illumination, even when the site is clean, is weak. The illumination is functionally not visible if the site is dirty or gunked up (which seems to happen often)

    So, because I want two colors, a poorly visible rear site and my personal inability to shot with an acceptable level of accuracy I plan to remove the sites and replace them with a more traditional three dot system

    Hope this helps.
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