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NAA Mini .22, Carrying with hammer in Safety Notches?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by Steven1281, Sep 5, 2007.

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  1. Steven1281

    Steven1281 Member

    Apr 8, 2004
    St. Charles, MO
    Finally purchased a used NAA Mini .22 LR (Not the magnum frame version). Very good mechanical fit, and very well made overall in my opinion. Have always wanted one, and was lucky enough to spot a used one the other day. Except for a little necessary cleaning, I'll call it like new.

    From everything I have read (including the manual) and heard, the gun may be carried with all five charge holes loaded and the hammer resting on the safety notch between the two charge holes. Placing the hammer in one of the safety notches between the charge holes is easy, and it's clear whether the hammer is in there or not.

    However, I have noticed that if the hammer is pulled back a very, very slight amount (maybe 1/64") when in the safety notch, it allows the cylinder to rotate quite freely in either direction.

    The issue I have with this is that it's easy to see the hammer (which is very pronounced) being jostled this much with normal (holstered) pocket carry, or even in a belt/other holster. If the hammer has come out of the safety notch and allowed the cylinder to become free, just a few degrees of cylinder motion will cause the hammer to come off the back surface of the cylinder, and "fall" off the edge into a charge hole. The hammer is not traveling a great distance, so doesn't have much momentum at that point. But, it does fall with a enough force that I would be concerned about a ND if there were a live round under it. I'm not sure what the minimum force is to set off a rimfire round, but don't view my pocket as a good place to conduct those experiments!

    With the hammer down over an empty chamber, the hammer must be pulled back significantly more - even past the half cock position before the cylinder will turn. Even then, the hammer is caught by the half cock position (not touching the cylinder at all) and would have little chance of contacting a live round - much less inadvertently falling on one from any height... (Not advocating carrying on half cock, just stating that it would go to this position before the cylinder would turn if something bumped it).

    I have no concerns about carrying my 637 S&W .38 with the hammer over a loaded charge hole, and trust the transfer bar safety on it (combined with the four rules of course). I'm even okay with cocked and locked on a 1911. But really closely looking at the safety notch design of the NAA Mini .22 had me wondering if others had questioned carrying with all five charge holes loaded?

    Gun is mechanically sound, locks up tight, and no real wear to the sriker (firing pin) on the hammer that I can tell.

    So how do you carry your NAA Mini .22? Hammer in a safety notch, all five charge holes loaded, or over an empty charge hole with remaining four loaded?
  2. fletcher

    fletcher Member

    May 19, 2004
    I've only had it come out of the safety notch one time. Those who had it happen multiple times recommend carrying it in a pocket holster. I just put mine in a notch and toss it in my pocket.
  3. BudsGunShop

    BudsGunShop Member

    Sep 2, 2007
    I carry the 22lr version in a Kydex neck holster that only allows the pistol to be inserted when it's cylinder is in the "safe" position.

    Thus, the gun is snugly held in place by friction (will NOT fall out!) and is ready to grab when needed, while at the same time being held in a safe position.

    This is by far the easiest, most comfortable concealed carry mode I have tried.

    Granted, the lil 22lr is a last ditch emergency close-range self-defense option.

    But I like it.

  4. David Hineline

    David Hineline Member

    Jun 3, 2005
    South Sioux City, NE
    I carried one for years

    I did drop in the pocket carry of one of these for probably 6yrs, I caught it maybe 4 times like you suggest. It is a concern but I am more concerned with not having a gun.
  5. happybrew

    happybrew Member

    Oct 4, 2006
    The hammer won't drop and the cylinder won't engage on the barrel unless it is fully cocked. At half-cock, with a properly functioning NAA mini, it can't fire. That being said, if it can go to half-cock, it has a slight potential to go to full cock. Carry it in a holster if you have concerns.

  6. WeedWhacker

    WeedWhacker Member

    Mar 30, 2006
    Las Vegas, Nevada
    For numerous reasons, I highly recommend a holster. Pale Horse Holsters makes a nice cow-leather one.

    I've never had the hammer come out of the safety notch while the mini was in my pocket (in a holster). You'd mentioned this was a used NAA; while I'm aware that flat springs aren't supposed to lose any strength until they just up and break, you may want to order another hammer/mainspring from NAA for $3.

    To answer the last question: I carry .22WMR in all five chambers, hammer in a notch, since the .22 round is marginal enough and reloading the thing under stress would be just about impossible.
  7. gpr

    gpr Member

    Nov 9, 2006
    gun shine state
    i dropped mine yesterday...i didn't go off....must work....gpr
  8. Sistema1927

    Sistema1927 Member

    May 21, 2004
    "Land of (dis)Enchantment"
    Back before we had CCW (cough, cough), I needed a deep concealment self-defense option.

    I discovered that the .22 magnum revolver in a leather pocket holster fit the bill. I never once had the hammer dislodge from the safety notch during several years of daily carry.
  9. camper

    camper Member

    May 29, 2005
    Mini-mag 22 in pocket holster, fully loaded and hammer in the notch.
  10. GEM

    GEM Member

    Apr 11, 2004
    Pocket holster in the notch, no trouble.

    I will report that I dropped one in that condition at the top of the stairs once and watched it pinwheel down the stairs bouncing on the hammer numerous times. Thought I would have a heart attack after being killed by the wife for shooting the living room. I should have hit the dirt but I was frozen in wife fear panic.

    It didn't go off.
  11. dogrunner

    dogrunner Member

    Dec 13, 2006
    E/Cntrl Fla.
    I wouldn't worry about it!

    I have carried mine for over twenty years, most of that time as a LEO and never in a holster. Mostly the thing has ridden in my shirt pocket and I always regarded it as the ultimate backup deep cover piece. If I have my pants or shirt on that gun is with me and I have NEVER experienced a problem of any kind other than a broken mainspring shortly after I purchased it new...NAA replaced that free with very quick turn around time.

    I cannot conceive how that hammer could possibly "jump" out of a properly functioning NAA safety slot and I would far, far rather rely on that cut than any half cock position.....triggers DO break and that sear is all that prevents contact with the cartridge rim...........I think its an unlikely circumstance but I prefer to put my money on the cylinder cut.

    On the holster issue I'll add that some time back I was contacted by NAA's legal counsel and requested to testify in Federal Court as to the safety and usability of that particular gun. It seems that some fool in Jacksonville had somehow managed to shoot himself in the cheek of his ass while allegedly holstering the piece....Now how in the hell anyone could accomplish that is beyond my imagination! Kinda strains credibility, but people do do dumb things........Anyway, it never went to trial as NAA settled with that fool as the litigation cost was just too high.....

    Bottom line for me is that that gun is my always piece and I'll have it till I die, I'll also continue to pack it just as I always have.
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2007
  12. Geno
    • Contributing Member

    Geno Member

    Jun 11, 2005
    Same here. I use a foam rubber pocket holster. I plan to get a leather holster instead.
  13. Rex B

    Rex B Member

    Apr 5, 2006
    Fort Worth TX
    BW in glasses case

    I carry a Black Widow fairly often. I found a soft glasses case fits it very well, with just the butt protruding enough to get a grip. The lining allows it to slip out easily, but it still doesn't fall out. It's also possible to remove the case from the pocket in public without it being obvious you have a GUN! in your hand.
  14. Walkalong

    Walkalong Moderator

    Nov 20, 2006
    I carry mine with the hammer down, in between rounds. It is the old style and does not have the slots. Same difference though. I have carried it many, many miles in the last 29 years. (bought it when I turned 21) Never a problem.
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