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Need advice on Thunder Ranch 21-4

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by sidheshooter, Mar 14, 2012.

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  1. sidheshooter

    sidheshooter Member

    Dec 30, 2007
    Stopped by the LGS today, and what do I see but a used, but LNIB 21 .44 special, complete with gold TR logo, lock and Ahrends grips. Also complete with box (but no display box) .

    Hardly a turn line, great trigger; it just felt "right" to me.

    But I know that these things are out there (several on GB right now), however, pricing is all over the map.

    A couple of questions for those that have them:

    What are the sights regulated for? I see conflicting reports ranging from 250 (per the original black hills offerings) to 200 grains.

    Also, asking price is $749; it's a consignment revolver.

    Opinions on the gun?

  2. ArkieVol

    ArkieVol Member

    Jun 5, 2009
    Tennessee Vol retired in Arkansas
    I have that gun and it's a beauty, shoots and handles great. I'm a .44 Special fan and I do reload 'cause I don't think I could afford to shoot much Black Hills at $40 a box. So, if you do buy it you need to seriously consider reloading if you don't already.

    Price sounds a little high but I got mine 2 years ago for less. Don't know the going price today.

    Don't know what the sights are set for but I shoot 180g to 240g lead, usually at 10 yds, and keep them all in the target...it's a fightin' gun :)

    The Ahrends grips that come standard on it are fine but they are round butt and I prefer the square and bought a set of Ahrends round to square conversions. It's a fine quality gun and mine's not for sale :)
  3. PabloJ

    PabloJ Member

    Oct 17, 2010
    The price is quite reasonable for consignment gun, but I would prefer .44Mag on this size frame.
  4. CajunBass

    CajunBass Member

    Jun 2, 2005
    North Chesterfield, Virginia
    That's what I paid for mine. Too much? I don't know. Never seen another one. The slick grips that come on it are pretty much worthless IMHO. I found they slip in my hand under recoil. A set of Hogues was available, and cheap. I haven't seen any reason to change them. Normally I don't like "goodyear" grips, but they make this gun look like it's ready to go in harms way.


    Mine seems to shoot factory 250 gr loads right into the X ring at seven yards using a six o'clock hold. Just one six shot, ragged hole. The range I go to only has a seven yard range, so I haven't had much opportunity to shoot it at longer range, but the one time I did, I was able to knock a milk jug around at 50 yards or so. Good gun.
  5. pendennis

    pendennis Member

    Aug 6, 2011
    I love mine. It's dead on at 25 yards with a 200gr SWC. It's not a Thunder Ranch model.

  6. calaverasslim

    calaverasslim Member

    Jul 20, 2005
    San Antonio de Bejar
    I am a BIG fan of 44 special. I have at least 6 of them, maybe more. I just got rid of a M21 because I can't stand the round butt on it. I tried several Pachmyers, hogues Ahrends, Midways, all conversion and standard. I musta spend $150 trying to find a set of grips I like.

    I got rid if it and bought a M24 and a pair of Taurus M441
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