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Need Century Cetme Help

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by LanceCriminal, Feb 14, 2009.

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  1. LanceCriminal

    LanceCriminal Member

    Feb 14, 2009
    Northern Virginia
    Greetings everyone. My century Cetme I bought from a friend not too far back seems to have some problems with the fire control group. My safety is well, not! It moves freely, at whatever will gravity puts on it, between safe and fire. This is UN-safe to say the least...

    Well, I pulled my trigger pack out of the grip frame, put the selector back in, and observed the lever through it's range of motion (yes, i took into account the extra distance made up by the thickness of the grip frame). It's hard to explain, but it seems the safety doesn't contact anything in it's range of motion. I understand the workings of the trigger pack on MP-5's (took armorer course back in 2007), but that's been a while... It's just that something doesn't seem right here. It just flops between safe and fire, no resistance.....:cuss:

    So, I noted the back of the selector lever has the small piece of metal with a point that makes contact with the frame as you move it between fire and safe.... however it makes no contact, no pressure. I attempted to bend it a little, so it would put pressure on the housing, and the damn thing snapped off the selector switch from the rod!

    At the least, it seems I will be needing a new selector lever, which I can find on gunbroker. However, will the spanish cetme levers work in the century model? I am almost certain it's not one of the compliance parts. And, would a new lever even solve my problem? It seemed before the lever had play, ie it could move in and out of the housing a little bit. I know the MP-5/G-3 type trigger group is different, but I can't seem to fathom why this is happening? The trigger housing too thin for the levers? Any thing you guys can think of would be MUCH appreciated! In fact, I think I will bring my trigger group to the Nations Gun Show tomorrow, see if I can seek out a replacement.

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