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Need info on EAA Tanfoglio Witness Classic 9MM

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by triplebike, Feb 18, 2011.

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  1. triplebike

    triplebike Member

    Mar 21, 2010
    My LGD has the above for sale at $299 NIB. I know this is a CZ clone, but thats about the limit of my knowledge. Any past & resent owners care to chime in with a little info? Would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. carlrodd

    carlrodd Member

    Dec 20, 2005
    i actually just sold one to fund a beretta 92 purchase. i really liked it. the finish was a little rough around the edges, but it felt very substantial, and it was very accurate as well. nice, mild recoil. negatives: my rear sight came loose after the first range trip. this is apparently a common problem. i just tightened mine, and had no further problems. some say to hit it with loc-tite. kind of defeats the purpose of an adjustable sight, but it fixes the problem i'm sure. also, i had two failures to extract in the first 100 rounds. no problems in the next 200 rounds or so. that's a great price, by the way.
  3. abuelo

    abuelo Member

    Mar 28, 2008
    That is a good price. Haven't seen it that low before. I also own a Witness but in 40 S&W. Very good shooter, solid and well built. Never had any problems with mine.
  4. HankC

    HankC Member

    May 8, 2005
    SW Ohio
    $299 NIB is a steal. You won't even find used one at this price this day. Grab it and run.
  5. Giterboosted

    Giterboosted Member

    Dec 9, 2010
    I bought one recently for about that and LOVE it, great sa trigger
  6. Stringfellow

    Stringfellow Member

    Nov 29, 2009
    the Bay Area
    The Witness Classic is the older small-framed Witness, which was made up until about 8 years or so (?). The small frame pistols are interchangeable between 9mm and .40, but you can't go up farther than that. Some folks like them better because the frames are, well, smaller (which is good for smaller hands). In contrast, the Classic II is the new larger frame, which allows interchangeability up to .45 and even 10mm. If you want to buy different caliber kits (its a good deal--see the kits for sale on the importer EAA's website), the larger frame will give you more flexibility. But then again, some folks find the larger frames uncomfortable to hold. For perspective, any CZ clone that you see will be the rough equivalent of the small frame.

    If I understand it correctly, both models have the less desirable "round slide". You will know what I mean if you see older models with flat "slab slides". The round slides were more likely to crack, and Witnesses are supposedly not imported anymore with round slides because of the trouble (other than Classic and Classic II). With 9mm or .40 it shouldn't be an issue though. And of course it won't be an issue if you add a new larger caliber with a flat slide.

    Be advised that service may be difficult if you need it, as their distributor EAA has among the worst reputations in the industry. If your retailer stands behind the pistol, it may be less of an issue. IMHO, I think these are screaming deals, and as along as these are on sale around that price, there is no reason to buy a used CZ clone.

    Check out the CZ forum's Clone section: http://www.czforumsite.info/index.php?board=27.0
    and http://tz75man.forumco.com/ for some good info.

    I think you will be happy--good luck!
  7. mainmech48

    mainmech48 Member

    Jan 23, 2003
    I've owned my old full-sized "Wonderfinish" Witness 9x19 for about twenty years now. I purchased it to satisfy my curiousity about the platform, used in LNIB condition, well before "real" CZ-75's were eligible for importation.

    It's proven to be remarkably accurate with several different types of ammo, very easy to learn to shoot well with and quite nearly as reliable as gravity. In very nearly 10K rds the only malfs I've experienced which weren't deliberately set-up for training drills have proven to be due exclusively to "dud" primers.

    OTB, it placed standard pressure 115 gr. loads precisely on my POA at 25 yds. It's always been capable of printing better groups than I can generally hold it for standing on my own two feet with most loads, as better shooters have repeatedly demonstrated for me:eek:

    Other than routine replacement of the recoil, main and FP springs at approx 6K rds, nothing has broken nor worn out. It shows only some minor "polishing" type wear on the slide rails and where the slide rides over the barrel at the breech end as it cycles. I consider it to have been an extraordinary value in terms of performance received per dollar spent.

    For $299 NIB, it sounds to me like a tough deal to pass up. I paid $225 plus taxes for my used one and two spare factory mags circa 1990 and thought that was a pretty reasonable bargain.
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