New AR-15: Frequent Double-Feeds

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Jan 15, 2008
Seattle, WA
I am new to this platform. In fact, having been strictly a revolver owner for years - I'm new to semi-autos.

I purchased a Colt AR-15 the day Obama made his first post-Sandyhook speech. I only paid a $300 mark-up - instead of the 100% mark-up that is now common.

I have only shot a couple hundred rounds so far (at most). I am getting a double-feed nearly every magazine! Is it the magazine? Does the rifle just need to be broken in? Is it the ammo?

I have a few other magazines available both new and used, and I'll be running those in turn ASAP.
Do you mean two live rounds trying to feed from the mag? Then: Most likely mags. What kind of mag? Try Magpul Pmags if you haven't. Don't mess around with confusingly-named promags or any of those cheapo ones. AR shouldn't need any break-in period as long as you gave it a decent cleaning and have it lubed up well.

If you mean the spent casing is still partly in the chamber then a new round tries to go in, that can have other causes.
Double feed or is the extractor losing control of the round and trying to feed 1 empty case and 1 loaded cartridge?

What type of rifle? Carbine or what?

Agree that real doublefeeds are most likely due to a bad mag.

Magazines are more often than not the culprit when it comes to feed problems in an AR. What mags were you using with the gun, and which ones were giving you trouble?
Number each of your magazine with a marker. That way you can keep track of which one is causing the problems.
I've had many issue with magazines on my M4 (double feeds, misfeeds), and they all ended the day I switched over to PMAGs.

Welcome to the AR-15 club!
FYI: Nobody in their right mind ever paid a 100% markup, and CERTAINLY not this week/today.

Just, for the record.

What magazine(s)?

Does it do it on multiple mags?
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The mag I was using that produced the double-feeds is a 30-round PMAG. I had only put 20 rounds in each time. I loaded it three times - and had three double feeds.

I'll mark that one and then try the other 30-round PMAG. Then I'll try the variety of other mags I have.
If this is a new gun, don't stick any money into it changing out this or that.

1) give it a good cleaning. Bolt carrier group, chamber lugs and feed ramps.

2) LUBE WELL. AR's run wet - this ain't your daddy's shotgun with a thin coat of . Not dripping wet, but a healthy coat.

3) Switch ammo

4) Take it back to your dealer and ask them ***. If it's a big box store or you don't have any confidence in your local guy, skip this step and send it back to the manufacture.
First culprit is the magazine. If you are using good magazines that are working properly, then your second guess would be the extractor.

Have you cleaned/lubed or taken apart the BCG?

A new Colt AR should not need any break-in.
Is it double feeding when loading up or at some random point in the magazine?

A decent cleaning and, most importantly, proper lube should alleviate any problems that shouldn't be addressed by the factory.
rainboybob: You never told us what ammo you were using.

Use factory new NATO spec ammo, a different magazine (a good one, like another PMAG), and lube the BCG...I'll bet you don't have any problems then.
Id bet money its a bad mag. P-Mags are the best but that doesnt mean they are impervious to damage or defect. Check around the feed lips for cracks.
If your rifle is trying to feed two live rounds into the chamber at once, then you are using the correct term. It is double feeding. That is indicative of a magazine problem. As others have suggested, mark that magazine and try others to see if the problem persists or goes away.

If your rifle is trying to feed a live round into a chamber already occupied by a spent round that wasn't extracted, that is a failure to extract. That is indicative of an over-gassed rifle or a weak ejector spring. In that case, install this, and if the extractor spring upgrade doesn't work, try a heavier buffer.
You actually managed to fire "a couple of hundred rounds" with frequent double feeding? Yikes. Ditch the Wolf. Find a few boxes of XM193 or XM855 (good luck) and load in good mags.

I was using Wolf FMJHP with polymer coated steel casings.

Use good ammo. Use GOOD mags. Lube the BCG. I'll bet you it works wondefully.

NATO spec 5.56 being the most preferred, but any quality brass case .223 should be fine as well
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