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New ar15 with new parts

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by rozziboy18, Jun 24, 2012.

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  1. rozziboy18

    rozziboy18 Member

    Apr 10, 2009
    knoxville tn
    ok i got a baby on the way and the wife has zipped up the family pocket book but not before i get one last toy! its no doubt that the next years of my life are going to be lived very frugal, there for i partitioned for a ar15 for "home protection" before i couldn't afford one anymore. i wanted to build it to my liking so that i wouldn't be temped to let it go, so i told my wife i was dipping into my "personal" savings gun fund. after i peeled her off the ceiling and she started talking to me again she said "this better be it! or your and the dog are becoming room mates".

    so i bought this!

    sig sauer m400 enhanced in fde


    its smooth,tight and shoots bout 1.00-1.25 or so at 100 yds with pmc 55 fmj-bt. but i couldn't leave well enough alone so heres some pics with mods listed above

    yhm hooded flip up gas block

    yhm light weight free float handgaurd

    yhm mussel device

    weaver rail covers and eotech and lwrc trigger guard

    after adding the yhm handgaurd i noticed that my groups got a little tighter at 100yrd .75 at the best so far with the pmc but being a 1-7 barrel i really want to see what the my old 69 hpbt sierra load will do. all my accuracy testing was done with a redfield 4-12 power scope out of a shooting vice. im still waiting on the next gun show so i can pick up a trigger set and yhm rear flip up, not a fan of the stock sig rear sight.

    well there it is, just thought i would share it with yall! i will post some pics of the groups after i get a good load worked up for it. now if i could only get the dog to share his blanket i'd be in good shape!:cool:

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