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New favorite .40 load

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by ljnowell, Feb 20, 2013.

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  1. ljnowell

    ljnowell Member

    Jun 21, 2008
    The Peoples Republic of IL
    As the title says, got a chance to get out today with my dad(seems like less and less time we get together every day) and shoot some test loads we worked up with a new bullet in his .40S&W.

    This load is a Missouri Bullet IDP#5, 180TC. The bullets looked nice and measured up as I have come to expect from Missouri Bullet. This one is a total new combination because its using AA#5 and S&B primers. I got a decent buy on some a week or so ago.

    Accurate lists 5.4gr min 6.0gr max for a 185LTC. I used that load data and borrowed the OAL as a minimum, using magazine and gun as a max, so to speak. Ended up loading them to 1.225". Not only does it go a little over the books min OAL it "looks" right with the right amount of lead bearing surface exposed.

    As expected on target the 5.5gr load was weak and didnt group well, but they did all function. The 5.7gr load I knew was sweet when I fired the first shot. It hit POA with the sights, and I grouped the next four all in a single hole touching pattern. This was only at about 7 yards, so this was no extraordinary feat. My dad shot five more of them and they grouped well for him too. We went ahead and shot the 5.9gr loads, but they actually did widen out a little in grouping at 15 and 20 yards. So, looks like i have to load up a thousand of these with 5.7gr of AA#5 under that 180gr TC Missouri Bullet.

    Good shootin' folks!
  2. bds
    • Contributing Member

    bds Member

    Jan 10, 2010
    Northwest Coast
    Disclaimer: Use the following unpublished loads at your own risk.

    I like 40S&W and shoot a lot of it. I developed these 40S&W lead loads referencing 1999-2005 Winchester load data/Lyman #49 and tested in M&P40 and G22/G23/G27 (Lone Wolf barrels). They are very accurate with no leading in the barrels:

    180 gr TCFP (IDP #5): 3.8 - 4.5 gr W231/HP-38
    180 gr TCFP (IDP #5): 3.6 - 4.0 gr Promo/Red Dot

    170 gr SWC (IDP #2): 4.0 - 4.8 gr W231/HP-38 (1999-2005 Winchester)

    155 gr SWC (IDP #9): 4.8 - 5.1 gr W231/HP-38

    140 gr TCFP (IDP #7): 5.0 - 5.5 gr W231/HP-38
  3. threefeathers

    threefeathers Member

    Jun 5, 2003
    I like all of those loads but I've settled on 800X as I can use it for both 40 and 357 Sig.
    I use 9 grains with a magnum primer for 357Sig and 8 grains with WW small pistol primers for 40.
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