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New ICORE Revolver Club in Missouri

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by Viper225, Aug 25, 2013.

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  1. Viper225

    Viper225 Member

    Dec 9, 2011
    South Central Missouri
    New ICORE Range in Missouri

    The Big Piney Sportsman's Club
    18012 Highway B (Halfway between Houston and Raymondville)
    Houston, Missouri 65483

    Has started holding ICORE Revolver Matches every month.
    First OFF, you do not need to be an ICORE Member to come and shoot with us.

    We are shooting the 3 Sanctioned Divisions:

    CLASSIC: This is basicly your pretty much stock 6 shot revolver loaded with Speed Loaders in Caliber 32 and above.

    LIMITED: Basicly a pretty much stock revolver holding 6, 7, or 8 rounds loaded with moon clips. (627, 610, 625 etc)

    OPEN: Optical Sights, after market barrels, pretty much go wild working on your revolver.

    Go to the ICORE Web Site for a complete discription of equipment allowed in each Division.

    Non-Sanctioned CLUB Divisions:

    RIMFIRE: Revolvers and Semi-Autos No Optical Sights.

    SNUB: Barrels 3" or Shorter, Calibers 22 thru 45.

    All Divisions start from a belt holster that covers the Trigger.
    We are limiting our Stages to 18 Rounds, so you will need 3 Speed Loaders Minimum, as well as 3 Speed Loader Carriers on your belt.

    ICORE is not restrictive about the Course of Fire a Club sets up. We will have 4 Stages that will be from the IDPA Course of Fire Library, or other IDPA Designed Stages. These will be Defensive Pistol Stages using our Modular Walls, Props such as the Car Door, Store Counter, Tables, etc.
    We will run ONE ICORE Classifier Stage. Normally a shooting skill Stage.
    Last will be TWO Stages of primarily Steel Targets. Texas Star, Dueling Trees, Plate Rack, Pepper Poppers, Tomb Stones, Shoot-A-Boot Reactive Targets L&R, Duel Swingers, Static Plates, etc.

    RIMFIRE: We will run the Rimfire Match shooting the First 5 Stages of ALL NRA D1 Tombstone Targets, and skip shooting the Steel Targets.

    We have not had any Missouri Midwest ICORE Clubs for a few years now. It will take a while to get the revolver shooters back out. We have a small core group at the Club shooting Classic, Limited, Rimfire and SNUB. At this time we do not have any local OPEN Division shooters. We realize that we are starting out with a completely new bunch of Revolver Shooters. We plan to be as helpful as possible getting everyone up to speed, and shooting safely.

    TARGETS: NRA D1 TombStone Silhouettes, Plus Steel

    Rounds Required: 100 per Entry

    Entry Fee: First Entry $10, all additional entries $5

    Classifier Stages: We will take the $2 ICORE Processing Fee out of your Match Entry Fee if you are an ICORE Member, and want the Classifier Stage Submitted for Classification.

    08 September 2013 9 AM>
    06 October 2013 9 AM>
    03 November 2013 9 AM> ICORE International Postal Match 4 Stages
    08 December 2013 9 AM>

    POC: Bob Roach
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