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New Liberty Suppressor the Triumph!

Discussion in 'NFA Firearms and Accessories' started by Liberty Suppressors, Jan 2, 2013.

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  1. Liberty Suppressors

    Liberty Suppressors Member

    Oct 4, 2012
    Here are some details on the new 223 can that we introduced today.

    Triumph 556 silencer.
    Material is 6AL4V titanium / Stainless steel and 718 inconel blast baffle
    Weight is 12 ounces
    It only comes in thread mount . . . for now.
    It is a full inch shorter than our torch or torch QA at 7" OAL length
    It meters in very similar to the Torch QA. Today we were getting low 134s on an 11.5" barrel at 29 degrees.

    What we are going to do is offer three 223 cans. Two thread mounted and one QA.
    The Torch will have a streamlining of options by eliminating the optional inconel baffle and we are also going to change what it is rated for. We are going to drop the full auto rating from it and the minimum barrel length for a Torch will be 14.5" now.

    The Torch QA will now come standard with an inconel blast baffle and will be rated on barrels down to 11.5" (due to the mount design this is the shortest barrel that it will fit on) It will be full auto rated and will have a price change to reflect the inconel parts that are being added.

    The Triumph will be the top of the ladder so to speak. It is loaded. Titanium core, inconel blast baffle, shorter design without sacrificing sound reduction, rated for barrels down to 10.25" and lighter to boot.

    This will eliminate a incredible number of production problems that have plagued the Torch program from the outset. We will still warranty the older units prior to this change for everything that we said that they would be rated for, so dont worry there, we have a very easy to reference database that shows us which units fell before this change and which ones come after it.

    These (Triumphs) will start shipping sometime in the Early March timeline, maybe sooner depending one material availability. (Dont want people to think they will be ready in the morning)
    Here are some pictures of it.

    Thank you so much!!!!
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