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new ruger 17mach2 test, plus a super lucky shot!

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by rangerruck, Apr 2, 2008.

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  1. rangerruck

    rangerruck Member

    Jan 12, 2006
    Texas, baby!
    Okay, so i picked up a 77/17m2 stainless laminate this weekend. Been geeking out to test it out. So I go to American today(Houston) and test.
    Details are;
    Late afternoon, light wind, under 5 mph, mostly from the 6 o'clock rear.
    Hot , humid, sunny. Rifle is topped with ruger rings, and a Barska 6.24.42 scope
    mildot reticle. I cleaned thoroughly the bore the night before, and have done nothing else.
    All groups are 5 shot with 2 previous fowlers, I am using the center verticle dots, mainly for re-zero, after groups, between diff rounds, and between pressure pad up front, and back to no pressure pad up front.
    I DID NO CLEANING WHATSOEVER, not even bore snake , nor breakin, though I will thorougly clean it again , later. This is at 50 yds.
    Okay, so first , the 1 in a million kid's luck shot. I take the Barska off of my Savage, mount it into the brand new rings, put on the ruger, last night, in my room. No bore sighting, no checking verticle or cant, nothing.
    I go to the range, put all the test ammo out, load up the mag, and put a function range shot into the berm, just for safeties sake, to see if everything works, and eject. I have one target that I am using just to get the rifle near zero, and once I am close enought there, i will switch over to the dot paper.
    And here it is, with no tweeks whatsoever, first shot;

    see that tiny little dot , right in the middle? That , my friends, is a total luck shot, no matter who you are, or what you are shooting!!!!

    Okay, now moving on, the first two pics, are the first line,
    second two pics are next line, etc., etc.
    the first line in order , and for the rest of the lines is; Eley, remmy, cci, horny.
    2nd line is with a pressure pad up front.
    3rd line is with no pressure pad, front take down screw back to normal place.
    4th line is no pressure pad , front take down screw is backed off 1/8 of a turn.
    rear screw, i did not mess with, it was all the way tight, out of the box, and I left it that way through the duration of testing.
    As you can see, the pressure pad was not needed(without taking it all the
    way apart, i think ruger has a built in "pressure lump" up front in the stock),
    because it is absolutely not free-floated. In fact , groups got worse.
    What did suprise me, is to see that loosening it up that 1/8 turn, seemed to make it group better.
    So my assessment is, if you have the means to get one, I suggest you pick one up! As Ferris would say.
    Also , if you just got a new rifle, and are not sure it can shoot, besides using a
    pressure pad, make sure you check that front takedown screw, as it can deff change the harmonics on a rifle bbl!!!
  2. Buzztail

    Buzztail Member

    Apr 6, 2005
    Tallahassee, FL
    nice write up! I'd really like to see some pics of the rifle too:)
  3. kcmarine

    kcmarine Member

    Feb 28, 2007
    Kansas City, Missouri
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