NEW Ruger Mark IV

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Nov 19, 2011
Guys Ruger has just come out with a brand new generation of their Mark .22 pistols. Here is a picture of the new Mark IV:


It's supposed to have a bunch of new features, including a one-button takedown method which should make disassembly for cleaning much easier over the Mark III design. I don't believe Ruger has formally announced it on their website yet but they should tomorrow.

Looks like a cool gun, what do you guys think?
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Nice! Thanks for the info. I like the one-button take down idea. I m still using a Mark I that I bought new back in the day.
Ruger has been hitting it out of the park recently, so I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt.

Honestly though, the less they change the Mark II design, the better. Those are the best 22 pistols made IMO.
I learned how to pistol shoot on a MKII. Making takedown easier would be win for Ruger. Other than that, the design really didn't need any major updating IMHO.
Will have to wait and see what all the new improvements are but I'm all in favor of this "one button takedown" if it really works like it's description says it does!
Dang, that is a nice looking gun. I've got a bang around 22/45 with a poly frame. Nice toss in the bag .22, but I've been hungering for a stainless rim fire.

The easier take down may seal the deal for me.
My daughter is a lefty and she shoots the 22/45 Target.

A Ruger with ambidextrous controls would be nice.

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I guess they also got rid of the loaded chamber indicator. I hated mine at first but find it quite useful on a training/target gun. It didn't replace a chamber check but it makes for a quick double check.

Also, on my hunting 22/45 LITE it's REALLY nice to be able to make a round is in the chamber without making any noise. I can even feel the LCI without having to look just before I bring the gun slowly up for a shot on game. I appriciate a LCI on all of my hunting guns when possible. I've made way too much racket in the woods opening an action to make sure I have a round ready in the past while game approaches.

The bigger controls will certainly be nice.

One button takedown will be nice, but after removal of the magazine disconnect I find disassembly quite simple after a few initial tries with the manual open. I wonder if you'll still have to align that wire just right into the bolt in some way during the final assembly step or if they reconfigured the guts completely. That will be a great step to eliminate.
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So, that's what the Ruger give-away contest was about. Too bad I didn't win.

But really, kudos to Ruger for listening to customers and improving their designs.
One button takedown is an overdue idea. I love shooting my Mk. I Target, except for the thought in the back of my mind that eventually, I am going to have to clean the thing, which means taking it apart, which means putting it back together. I'm sure all that is not much of a problem for those who do it frequently but I don't use that gun all that often, so I have to relearn or re-remember each time. :banghead:

Be interesting to see. I much prefer my Mk II pistols to Mk III models.

Things I'd like to see would be easier take down for the masses. Lose the heel mag release, lose the LCI, lose the mag disconnect.

That picture of the Mk IV almost looks like the upper pivots on the lower.
Cooldill beautiful...enjoy!

Kendal Black hahaha...:D I was pretty turned of at the Ruger disassembly routine too.
The takedown and reassembly of the Ruger Mark pistols is NOT that bad. I have a Mark III 22/45 and once one takes the magazine disconnect out, it's pretty easy.
What's the other side look like?

I don't understand the take down problem?

My first .22 pistol was a Ruger, at 14 I didn't have the attention span I do now but I don't remember having any problems other than not reading instructions first but I think that's genetic.

Oops, I didn't know they had mag disconnects in them now, might not be talking about the same design at all.
Are you guys sure they have taken the magazine disconnect off???

I just don't see a major manufacturer taking any so called safety feature off guns these days.


Thanks for the link! Looks fairly simple and straightforward; wonder why they didn't think about this years ago! Not going to trade in my Mk.II but might be adding a Mk.IV sometime in the near future.
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