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Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by Ironhand54, Feb 6, 2019.

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    Mar 7, 2018
    I’m wondering whether the case is original with the revolver. It’s a Griswold & Gunnison in a Leech & Rigdon presentation case. The add says seven inch barrel. Did High Standard ever make a 7” in G&G? Originals and all the repros of which I’m aware are all 7.5”.

    In April 2017 I got a new Pietta G&G for $200.00 + tax & shipping from EMF. Is Gun Broker asking a competitive price on that one? It’s 45 years old and in great like-new condition. Are they highly collectable at this point? Are they $425+ worth collectable?
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    I am glad to see you responded first. I concur.

    I was puzzled by the frame being shown as very white (?) but the recoils shields are definitely brass, and so goes the frame, so it is not a repro L&R and is a repro G&G, as you stated.

    I procured a Pietta G&G from Cabela's in 2015 (date code CN) for $220 with free shipping. Cabela's has not offered them since then, and EMF is the only one that still offers them, usually on back order, but supply seems to be scarce.

    My Pietta .36 pistols:

    Pietta G&G (it has a backstrap with no shoulder stock divot on the bottom I found at VTI and it allows the wood to look like the somewhat shrunken wood of the original pistols)


    Pietta L&R (parts gun based upon a Pietta 1851 Navy)


    IIRC, High Standard contracted with Uberti to make the parts and HS assembled the guns in the U.S. Hence no Italian proofs or date code, and HS was free to add serial numbers and other stampings as they chose to do.

    Unless someone has a penchant for HS guns, $425 would be out of the question for me.

    One always has to keep in mind the short arbor/arbor recess with Uberti repro Colts if the gun will be a shooter, but that is another story well told by many others.


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    On Guns International, there are 2 High Standard Confederate Revolvers for sale for $650 each.

    1.--->>> https://www.gunsinternational.com/g...onfederate-navy-revolver.cfm?gun_id=101152091

    2.--->>> https://www.gunsinternational.com/g...onfederate-navy-revolver.cfm?gun_id=101151688

    In 2006, I posted that there was a new 2 tone High Standard model on Gunbroker with a price of $850.
    Much higher priced than the one that I saw for sale locally.
    I couldn't even find anyone to reply who had ever shot one.
    But they were Bicentennial models and made with some USA parts & labor. so perhaps that makes them closer to the value of 2nd Generation Colts that had very limited production.

    From:--->>> https://gunvalues.gundigest.com/high-standard/blackpowder-revolvers/
    If someone were a member of the website they could obtain market values.

    "Bicentennial 1776-1976
    Blued finish, with steel frame. Six-shot single-action. Guns came with two versions of presentation case.
    One case is pine marked "High Standard" and trigger logo on lid, with powder flask and silver dollar-sized medallion inside;
    other a brown leatherette covered case with "American Bicentennial 1776-1976" and contains a pewter Bicentennial belt buckle."

    Photos of the $850 High Standard on Gunbroker from my 2006 post:




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    Apr 24, 2007

    I have a Guns Magazine Handgun Annual from 1975 that has an article about the two High Standard Confederate revolvers written by J.B. Wood. He wrote that the Leech and Rigdon had a satin nickel plated steel frame to approximate the appearance of the steel frame of the original.

    And yes it is a nice black powder revolver for it's age (has it really been 45 years?), but it's still way too much money for my gun buying budget!
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